Five good reasons to consider getting a dog

Five good reasons to consider getting a dog

Life As A Pet Parent

If you are considering getting a pet of any kind for yourself or your family, unless you have already previously owned a certain species, making the right choice can be difficult. Much is written about the need for extensive research, investigation and consideration to be given to acquiring a pet of any kind, and this is particularly true for dogs. There is no doubt that the decision to get a dog is not one to be undertaken lightly, and you should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about your options, assessing your lifestyle and ability to care for a dog, and researching the numerous different breeds and types of dogs commonly available as pets in the UK. Dogs are expensive to buy and keep; they are demanding, and require a lot of attention, training and supervision; they change your lifestyle and place limitations on your freedom and things that you can and cannot do; and you have to consider your dog’s welfare and best interests almost as much as you would for a child. The dog is not the pet for someone looking for an easy, low maintenance animal! It is easy to understand why many people opt for an easier, less demanding pet for the family, however dog ownership is on the rise year on year, and dogs are certainly popular for a reason! Five very good reasons actually, and if you are considering getting a dog and wonder what a dog will provide for you in return for all of your hard work and effort, then this list is essential reading.

1. Companionship and friendship

Dogs have been known throughout history as man’s best friend, a title that they richly deserve. Dogs are great company, fun to be around, non-judgemental, and always there for you. Even the darkest of moods can be lifted by a hug from your favourite canine, and dogs are incredibly empathic and generally know when their owner or favourite person needs some love. Dogs make great companions for people of all ages and from all walks of life, and many grown-ups have fond memories of the friendship and companionship they received from the dogs that they had as children.

2. Loyalty

Dogs and loyalty go hand in hand; most of us will never meet a person as loyal and reliable as our dogs! In return for a little food and attention, your dog will make you the centre of their world, and do everything that they can to please you and make you happy. The bonds that you make with your dog will endure throughout the duration of your lives, and your dog will always be there for you and in your corner when things go wrong- even if your human best friends come and go!

3. Protection and guarding

Desiring a dog to guard your home is not a good enough reason on its own to consider buying one. Nevertheless, it is certainly true that all canines, from the smallest Chihuahua to the most businesslike German Shepherd will consider you and your family to be a part of their pack, and seek to defend you from perceived threats! Your home will become your dog’s home, and in time, their territory, and they will guard your walls to the best of their ability from all comers- perceived threats such as invited visitors and the mail carrier optionally included!

4. Getting you motivated

Having a dog is a great way to get out there and meet people, and simply by taking your dog out walking you will find yourself automatically gaining membership to a wider circle of dog lovers and owners who share the same interests and have the same enthusiasm as you for their dogs and their lifestyle. If you need some motivation to get yourself moving in the mornings or to exercise a little more, your dog will provide an unavoidable reason to get up and go, and cannot be ignored in the same way that an alarm clock or that expensive gym membership can! Having a dog can even open up a range of other options to you, like getting involved in sports and hobbies such as canine agility, heelwork to music and many more!

5. Fun and laughter

Dogs are hugely entertaining, from the dizziest puppy through to the most distinguished old-timer. Watching a dog run around, play and investigate their world is a joy to behold, and the sheer enjoyment that dogs seem to get out of every aspect of their lives is infectious. If you are looking for a reason to smile, then your dog will reliably be able to provide one. Days at the beach, playing in the snow, throwing a ball or simply running around and watching your dog enjoy a bout of rough and tumble with other dogs at the park will all provide a source of simple pleasure for both dog and owner alike on a regular basis.



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