Five reasons why having a dog is far better than having a date this Valentine’s Day

Five reasons why having a dog is far better than having a date this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is what many people think of as a Marmite holiday; most people either love it or they hate it, and there is little room for apathy in between! On the other hand of course, many people enjoy Valentine’s Day during years when they have a partner, but hate it when they’re single.

If you fall into the latter camp and everything around you seems to be cupid, hearts, flowers and sickeningly happy couples, the impending approach of Valentine’s Day might already be putting you in a really bad mood.

However, if you have a dog, your canine partner in crime is probably vastly superior as a date for the evening than anyone you can find on Tinder in the interim, and there are many commonly overlooked but very valid reasons why having a dog is far better than having a date on Valentine’s Day, or on any other day of the year for that matter.

If you’re a reluctantly single dog owner and aren’t holding out much hope of being showered with chocolates and flowers on the day itself, it’s time to change your viewpoint and celebrate your love with the most loyal partner you’ll ever have; your dog.

Read on for a light-hearted but very valid look at why having a dog is better than having a Valentine’s Day date, to raise your spirits and make you appreciate what you have!

Your dog listens without judging you or interrupting

There are few things more annoying or frustrating than telling someone your problems, only to realise they’re not really listening, they keep interrupting you, or worse, they disagree or outright think that you’re in the wrong!

Another bone of contention for many people is having a partner who wants to make “helpful” suggestions, when all you really wanted to do was get things off your chest.

Need an empathic ear? That’ll be the dog. Your dog is almost certainly a better listener than any human partner, and they won’t judge you regardless of what you tell them… Can you really say the same about a human partner?

Your dog doesn’t care what you look like

If you had a couple of drinks too many last night and feel like Stig of the Dump’s scruffier cousin, if you have questionable taste in clothes, or if you just rolled out of bed and look like you brushed your hair with a cactus, your dog still loves you more than anything in the world.

Whether you’re the world’s most uncoordinated dresser or have put on a couple of stone since you first found love with your dog, you’re still the best looking person in the world to your pooch, and they will always be proud to be seen out with you in public. Score two for the dog.

Your dog snoring is adorable, your partner, not so much

A snoring dog is often adorable and if anything, can make you love them even more than you did already; but “it’s so cute when my boyfriend/girlfriend snores” are words uttered by exactly no one, ever. At least, no one who was telling the truth.

Whilst dogs have many disgusting habits that can absolutely turn your stomach, they’re far less offensive than they are in people.

After all, if you were out for a walk in the park with your other half and they suddenly took off to roll in a dead fox, would you even go home with them afterwards? No. You’d probably call for an ambulance and nope your way out of that relationship for good as soon as humanly decent. The dog just gets a bath.

Your dog is probably the most loyal partner you’ll ever have

Even if you were dating the most perfect man or woman in the world, your dog is still the most loyal partner you will ever have. They’re never going to leave you for someone else (although they might abandon you temporarily for a tasty bit of roadkill) and they will absolutely take your secrets to the grave.

Dogs thrive on giving and receiving affection and are free with it

Getting the silent treatment, that frosty atmosphere after an argument, one member of the couple spending the night on the sofa, and all of the other downsides of arguments or things that can happen if the relationship is going wrong simply don’t happen between dog and owner.

Your dog will always want to be close to you, will forgive you quickly if you upset them, and will try their hardest to make you smile, keep you happy, and please you; for the entire duration of their life.

Your dog is never going to turn their back on you when you’re upset, or even fail to notice that you’re upset in the first place, and they know the value of closeness and physical affection, as well as the importance of simple emotional support!



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