Five universal personality traits of the Ragdoll cat

Five universal personality traits of the Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll cat is a large, fluffy longhaired breed that came about almost by accident, when a longhaired white cat of unknown breeding was mated to a non-pedigree Persian cat, producing a litter of unusually laid-back kittens that were incredibly placid and calm, and that would lie completely limp like a ragdoll when picked up! Because these traits made the litter appealing to many different cat lovers, further litters were subsequently bred for the same traits, forming the foundations of the popular Ragdoll breed as we know it today.

While the Ragdoll is one of the larger breeds of cat, with males often reaching 14lb in weight or more (females being slightly smaller) they are also one of the gentlest, as well as the most personable and affectionate. These traits make the Ragdoll popular all across the world as loving pets and companions, although it does mean that the breed can be fairly described as almost naïve about the world, and needing special care to be devoted to keeping them safe and happy.

Like every other animal and person, no two Ragdoll cats are ever the same, but even so, the breed as a whole does share several almost universal personality traits across the board that repeat time and again in litters with Ragdoll heritage. In this article, we will look at five universal personality traits of the Ragdoll cat in more detail. Read on to learn more!

They are very loving!

The Ragdoll cat has a truly sweet temperament, and they are very loving and affectionate with their families. They are real homebodies and are not as apt to roam, hunt and explore as most other breeds of cat, and are generally happiest when curled up in a warm lap on the sofa purring away!

They bond strongly with their immediate family, and also tend to be open and welcoming with strangers in the home, showing little of the reserve and suspicion that many other cats display! They love company and attention, and thrive with a loving, attentive family.

They are not very streetwise

The Ragdoll’s calm, kind nature and general trust of everyone that they meet means that the breed is not particularly streetwise, and they often find it hard to learn about things like avoiding roads or other potential dangers. Many Ragdoll cats are kept as indoor-only pets for this reason, and they are one of the best breeds to live an indoor only life. Some Ragdolls have access to a garden run or enclosure, in order to allow them to experience the outside world while also keeping them safe from harm.

They are calm and placid

The calm, laid back and generally chilled out nature of the Ragdoll cat is one of their most defining features, and presuming that they are on familiar territory or have a familiar person close to them, they tend to take most things in their stride.

They do not tend to get upset or anxious about small things, and they generally enjoy being around children, being very gentle and affectionate with them too. It is vitally important that any children that may be around the breed are taught to respect the cat, handle them properly and know when to leave them alone, as the Ragdoll is unlikely to display obvious signs of displeasure, even if they are not enjoying being petted.

They need lots of attention

The Ragdoll is in many ways a low maintenance and undemanding cat to have around, as they are not prone to acting out or exhibiting behavioural problems when unhappy. However, to keep the cat happy and well, they do need a reasonable amount of care and attention, including daily brushing and grooming and lots of affection.

They also need to be kept safe from potential hazards such as dogs and other dangers, because as mentioned, they are not so good at taking care of themselves!

They get on well with other animals

Cats tend to be solitary animals that do not keep to packs and groups in the wild, other than for breeding, and many cats greatly prefer life alone without any other animals competing with them for attention! However, the Ragdoll is one breed of cat that tends to be very accepting of other animals, and will usually live very happily with other cats and even dogs.

If you do keep a Ragdoll cat with other cats or animals, it is important to keep an eye on the dynamic between the various pets, in order to ensure that the Ragdoll’s kind nature is not being abused, leading to their being bullied by other pets.

The Ragdoll makes for an excellent choice of cat for people of all ages, but they do need a little extra care and attention in order to makes their homes safe and happy for them.

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