Five universal personality traits of the Siamese cat

Five universal personality traits of the Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the world, and is reliably ranked within the top five most popular pedigree cat breeds in the UK too. Exotic looking, very affectionate and often, very vocal, the Siamese is a very distinct breed of cat that is quite different to the average moggy, something that not all cat lovers are aware of when they first set their sights on owning an oriental breed!

For those that love the Siamese cat, no other cat comes close for them in terms of their preferred form of feline company, but for many other people, even cat lovers, the idea of owning a Siamese cat is something akin to a nightmare, due to the breed’s high demand for attention and ways of showing their displeasure if they do not get it!

Siamese cats can be almost dog-like in terms of their relationship to people, and they all have truly individual temperaments and preferences; however, there remain several virtually universal personality traits that all Siamese cats possess, which we will cover in more detail within this article. Read on to learn more!

They are fairly noisy!

The Siamese cat is one of the most vocal of all felines, and they have a very distinctive meow that is unlike that of most other cats! The sound of a Siamese cat calling has been likened to the sound of a baby crying, and like a baby, they are not shy to use their voices to get attention or to let you know that something has displeased them!

As well as having a loud, rather demanding voice, they also have a very wide range of vocalisations, with a distinct language and range and tone of voice that they apply to different situations. Siamese owners can often tell the difference between their cat’s different vocal tones, and will often hold conversations with their cats, with the cat answering them back in their own language!

They are very loyal

The Siamese cat is one breed that is often likened more to the dog than to other cat breeds when it comes to their loyalty for their owners. They prefer the company of people that they know well, and form strong bonds with the people that care for them, often showing a distinct preference for one member of the family, whom they will shower with affection!

They will often follow their owners around the house and garden as they go about their day, loving nothing more than having some company and someone to talk to, as well as a warm, comfortable lap to cuddle up on for nap times.

They need plenty of attention

Siamese cats can fairly be described as pretty demanding when it comes to their need for attention and affection, and they like to have someone around with them for the greater part of the day. They will often bond strongly with another feline companion, but they can also be rather jealous of other pets too, particularly if they think another pet means that they will have to share their affection!

They are easily bored, and need plenty of toys and entertainment and things to do, as well as lots of stimulation and variety.

They are very intelligent

The Siamese cat is one of the most intelligent of all cat breeds, and this, combined with their loyalty, means that they can sometimes learn how to do tricks, and perform on demand!

They are also good at problem solving, and in some cases, can problem-solve issues and work out how to use handles to open doors, or work out ways to break into their treats jar! Closing your cat out of one room is unlikely to prove effective for the Siamese cat, as they will soon work out a way to gain access, such as by going out through their cat flap and coming back in through an open window!

They are active, lively cats

The Siamese cat might look like a delicate, exotic breed that looks beautiful but is probably not very hardy, but the opposite is actually true! They are active, lively cats that like to play and have things to entertain themselves with, and they also love to be outside, meaning that keeping them indoors-only can be challenging. Many Siamese cats are also excellent hunters, and will bring home all manner of small prey, as well as enjoying mock-hunting by chasing toys or playing games of fetch with you!

The breed is an excellent, loyal companion for people who have a good understanding of the Siamese cat, their traits and needs and how they differ from your average moggy, but they are one breed that should not be purchased without plenty of research, as they can also be fairly challenging to keep for the first time owner.



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