Four good dog breeds for vibrant, lively homes

Four good dog breeds for vibrant, lively homes

Life As A Pet Parent

Choosing the right dog for you and your family takes time and a lot of research, and an important part of this is ruling out dogs and dog breeds that simply won’t be the right fit for you, however much you might wish to own one.

If you’re fairly sedentary on the whole, a highly active breed that needs lots of exercise won’t be a good choice, and if you tend to be out for much of the day, breeds that aren’t happy when left alone won’t be a good choice either.

As well as taking into account the various facets of different dog personalities and the temperament and core traits of the dogs you might be considering, it is also important to view things from the dog’s perspective, and ensure that you are as good a fit for them as they are for you.

If your living situation, routine, preferences or family are not all a good fit for your future dog, the dog won’t thrive and your lives together will be less enjoyable than they should be.

Choosing a dog for a family home can be complicated in itself, as you have to factor in the challenges of finding a dog breed that is good with children and that can be trusted around the kids – and if your home is a very vibrant, lively one that has a lot going on, regular visitors and a lot of comings and goings, this type of environment isn’t likely to be a good fit for all dogs.

Some dog breeds tend to be more confident, outgoing and personable when it comes to strangers and facing a lot of stimulus cheerfully and calmly, and these often make a good choice of pet for busy homes with children and lots of activity.

Every dog is of course an individual, and picking a dog from one of these breeds is no guarantee of ensuring the right fit – but by choosing a breed that tends to thrive within a busy, active and varied lifestyle that involves contact with a lot of people, you stand a much better chance of making the right choice, and raising your dog to thrive within your home.

In this article we will share an introduction to four dog breeds and types that tend to be a good fit for lively, busy households.

The Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is a large and very versatile dog from the gundog group, and which is one of the UK’s most popular dog breeds overall. Labradors have confident, outgoing natures and high energy levels, which makes them a great choice for families with children that like to play and run around with the dog.

Labradors are also very adept at remaining calm when this is warranted to avoid scaring someone who is shy or nervous, and they are excellent dogs for helping people who are otherwise shy and nervous around dogs to gain their confidence.

Labradors are intelligent dogs that learn a lot through observation, and that don’t tend to be highly strung or prone to suffering from stress. They enjoy active, varied lifestyles, and tend to be a good fit for busy homes.

The Golden retriever

The golden retriever shares a lot of common traits with the Labrador, being as they are another historical gundog breed as well as one that has widely been used in a number of other working roles such as assisting deaf or blind people to maintain their independence.

This is a large dog breed with a distinctive long, golden coat, and the golden retriever is a very handsome dog with a kind face and a nature to match, despite their rather imposing size.

Golden retrievers are highly sociable and personable dogs that love to meet new people and are quick to want to get involved in anything interesting going on around them. They love their owners but are quite friendly even with strangers, and take the lifestyle of a busy home in their stride.

The Cockapoo

The cockapoo is a hybrid dog type produced from the crossing of a poodle with a cocker spaniel, and whilst this is not a pedigree dog breed, they are still one of the most popular dog types in the UK.

Cockapoos don’t tend to do well when left alone for too long at a time and often suffer from separation anxiety, and so a busy home with lots of company and people coming and going to play with the dog and give them attention can be a great fit.

Cockapoos are another lively, outgoing breed and one that tends to enjoy playing with children of all ages, and they might be a viable pick for homes where an allergy sufferer lives, as the cockapoo coat tends to be very low shedding.

The Siberian husky

The Siberian husky is a distinctive dog breed with a very wolf-like appearance, and that has quite a unique personality too. These are dogs that need a huge amount of exercise to keep them happy and fulfilled, which can often be provided by larger families and people who like to have visitors over frequently who can help to play with and entertain the dog.

Siberian huskies tend to be very friendly with everyone they meet, including strangers, and whilst they can be protective of their territories, they are usually more interested in making new friends and begging a treat than seeing off a potential threat!

Siberian huskies are often a good fit for active families that enjoy outdoor pursuits involving the dog, and that can provide company and supervision for the dog for the best part of the day.

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