Free virtual events to prepare your family for dog ownership

Free virtual events to prepare your family for dog ownership

This article is sponsored by Wood Green.

Family Dog Workshop

Suitable for family members aged 4-94, this interactive session will explore your dog’s basic needs, how to stay safe around dogs and how to make feeding time fun – essential for any households with dogs and young children.

The next Family Dog Workshop will be hosted via Zoom on Sunday 12th September from 10-11:15am. Book your family’s place here. If you can’t make it, you can access a self-led session by enrolling here.

What others have said: “We all learnt so much. The kids have been talking about it non-stop and really putting into practice what they learnt. If only all people who wanted a dog had to sit through a class like this, I really believe we would have happier dogs and MANY less accidents caused by dogs and less frustration and aggression brought on by poor owner behaviour.”

Wood Green, The Animals Charity helps pets and owners at every step of the way – rehabilitating and rehoming pets from its centre in Cambridgeshire, and providing dedicated services to support and educate pet owners. For more free events and pet advice, please contact Wood Green or visit

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