"Full Coated Yorkshire Terriers: How To Groom & Bath Them

"Full Coated Yorkshire Terriers: How To Groom & Bath Them

Grooming & Hygiene

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable little dogs, they are full of character and boast cute personalities especially when they don't appreciate just how small they really are. These brave little canines have been a popular family pet for decades and when it comes to size, they can be tiny to more robust looking canines albeit still pretty small. Yorkies that boasts a full and long coat need quite a lot more care than dogs that have short coats and there are certain grooming items you would need to keep their coats looking brilliant, soft, silky and flowing.

Full coated Yorkies need regular baths and frequent grooming to prevent their fur from getting knotted and matted. This is due the fact their long coats brush along the ground as they gad about and this means they do tend to get a bit grubby looking if not properly taken care of.

Things You'll Need for Grooming Your Yorkie

  • A good quality dog comb
  • A nice soft brush
  • A good quality dog shampoo and conditioner (dog-friendly)
  • A good quality detangler
  • Some towels
  • Cotton wool
  • A dog toothbrush and specifically formulate dog toothpaste

Grooming & Bathing Your Pet

It is really important to brush your pet on a daily basis because theirfur will get tangled and matted very quickly if you do not. A Yorkshire Terrier's fur is very much like human hair, it has the same kind of texture and feels pretty similar. As such it reacts in much the same way too. Their fur is single-layered and Yorkies shed very little so regular brushing keeps their long locks looking silky and untangled which makes life simpler all round.

If your pet's fur does become tangled, you should use a detangling spray on the knots before trying to comb them out. Make sure the product you use is safe for your dog and then gently comb the knots out being careful not to tug on your pet's hair. You should start grooming at their shoulders and then work your way down your pet's back using smooth strokes because you need to avoid pulling at their fur which will hurt your pet as well as damage their coats.

Work down your pet's legs being extra careful and then finally comb their heads. This is when you can gently wipe away any discharge or tear marks using some, soft and dampened cotton wool taking extra care not to get any in your pet's eyes.

The Weekly Bath

Yorkies with lovely, long flowing coats need to be bathed on a weekly basis. As a rule of thumb, the longer their coats and the more they go outside, the more frequently they will need to be washed so their coats stay silky and clean looking.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is wet thoroughly wet your pet's coat with warmish water before shampooing them. Work the shampoo into a lather with your fingers feeling for any knots or tangles as you do. Leave your pet's head till last and then do this very carefully being extra careful not to get any shampoo in your pet's eyes. Rinse your pet thoroughly before applying a dog-friendly conditioner which you should leave on for a few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly once again. When you are satisfied all the conditioner has been rinsed out of their coats, the next step is dry your pet off.

Step 2

Dry your pet off thoroughly using soft towels and then brush them gently with a softish brush to get out any tangles. The one thing you must not do is let your pet dry off on their own as this may well end up giving them a chill and the tangles will just get worse. It is far better to use soft towels to dry out the excess water from their coats taking care not to rub their fur with the towel as this will just end up causing more tangles.

When your pet's coat is still slightly damp, spray on some detangler, being very careful not to spray any around their heads or in your pet's eyes. Leave for a few minutes and then gentle comb through their coat, starting at their neck and shoulders. Work your way down their backs and their legs. It's a good idea to do a section at a time, spraying the detangler on the coat and then combing as you go.

You may like to invest in a dog dryer or you could use your own hair dryer being careful to set it to low"" and then holding it far enough away from your dog to avoid burning their skin or getting them over-heated in the process.

Brushing Teeth on a Daily Basis

It is always a good idea to teach your Yorkie to have their teeth brushed at an early age like this you can clean their teeth on a daily basis to help keep their teeth in great condition. The thing to remember, is that tartar forms very quickly on your pet's teeth but you can keep things under control by brushing their teeth every day. However, you should still make an appointment to take your pet to the vet once a year to have any stubborn plaque removed from their teeth and to make sure none are broken or cracked.

Checking Your Pet's Ears on a Weekly Basis

You should also keep an eye on your pet's ears and if necessary give them a gentle clean on a weekly basis. If you notice any discharge, redness or irritation or if there is any visible swelling, there may well be an infection flaring up which would need veterinary attention. Cleaning out your pet's ears needs to be done very carefully using a dampened cotton bud and some ear drops. However, you should never put the cotton bud into your pet's ear too deeply because you could damage their eardrums. However, wiping the inside creases of the ear if they are dirty is always a good idea. If you notice a nasty smell coming from your pet's ears, a quick trip to the vet may be in order to make sure there is no infection and if there is to recommend a treatment.


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