Fun summer activities to do with your dog

Fun summer activities to do with your dog

Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to get out and about with your pooch after a long winter season. Taking the opportunity to go further afield and have some adventures with your canine is a big benefit of summer. It gives your dog exposure to a world of new smells and a chance for them to get in more social interaction and quality time with you. So why not get planning and pencil in a summer full of fun-cations for the furries!

  • Picnicking!

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Pack a delicious hamper with treats for you and your pupster, gather some of your dog-loving pals and head for the nearest beauty spot or even your local park for an afternoon of nibbles, fetch and fun in the sun. It’s a super opportunity for your dog to get some social interaction and some really relaxed down time with you. Make sure there’s enough shade in your chosen spot to keep them as cool as a cucumber.

  • Camping

Dogs hate getting left behind when you head off on your summer holiday, so why not plan a camping trip that they can come along on? If your doggie’s a dab hand at the ol’ camping, you can get going on your carefree getaway. But if they’re a newbie to camping, put some thought into preparing them and investing in the right equipment. Check out our full guide to camping and hiking with your dog.

  • Photoshoot

After the long winter months, summer can be a breath of fresh air in terms of weather and the chance to immortalise your beautiful friendship with your furry pal. Set up some fun photo shoots in quirky locations and take full advantage of the long sunny days to make some gorgeous memories with your canine companion. There are some brilliant dog photographers out there or why not get creative and do it yourself?

  • Ice cream treats

Cool canines deserve a mouthwatering summery treat too. Why not mix together some of the best dog-friendly ingredients to make some icy treats for your pooch on a hot summer’s day? Our recipe for dog ice-cream is not only dog-friendly, it’s delicious for humans too! Best frozen in funky ice cube trays for an instant cooling treat, you won’t be able to keep your paws off!

  • Pool party

How better to cool down on a hot day than in the water? Invest in a kiddie swimming pool for the garden (yes, even if you don’t have kids!) and invite a few of their doggie friends over and voila: an instant summer splash sensation! If you have a hose, sprinkler or even water guns, this can add to the shenanigans -- go on release your inner child!

  • Get out and about

Being a dog owner is much less restrictive than it used to be, with far more places becoming dog-friendly. It’s easy to get out for a pub lunch in a beer garden, get away for a cheeky couple of nights with the pooch, or head to one of the UK’s many castles, museums or historic gardens that welcome dogs.

  • Treasure hunt

Get interactive and give your canine some sniff-orientated summer fun. Set up some crafty tasks by hiding treats in increasingly tricky to find places to keep them stimulated. This can be an outdoor or indoor activity -- remember dogs also need a break from hot weather at times too. It’s easy to forget in summer that they still need mental stimulation so get your crafty hat on and get making some puzzles for them to solve.

Summer is an exciting time for doggies with all the sights, sounds and smells and extra outdoor time. Remember to take precautions during the warmer months too, to avoid any mishaps. Heat can be a killer and extra care should be taken to find shade, keep your canine hydrated, protect their paws and keep them out of the midday sun. It should also be noted that not all dogs enjoy being in water, so pay attention to their signals and behaviour. Last but not least, our environment changes in summer and insects such as fleas and ticks can be rife, so always take precautions to protect your furry friends from the perils of summer.


Being prepared is the best way to keep your pup safe on a summer’s day -- enjoy the extra outdoor time and make it a summer of sniffs, splashes and shenanigans!



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