Health Issues that Need Immediate Attention in Dogs

Health Issues that Need Immediate Attention in Dogs

Sharing a home with a dog is a great experience, but it doesn’t take much for them to get into a scrape or eat something they shouldn’t. While some health concerns can wait for a while before checking in with a vet, other health issues are more serious and need immediate veterinary attention. Read on to find out more.

Dogs are great at hiding pain

Dogs, like other animals, are good at hiding the fact they are unwell, so it’s important to be able to recognise when your dog is not acting like their usual selves. For example, if your dog refuses to eat or drink all day, then it's time to make an appointment with the vet to check out what is wrong.

When dogs have trouble breathing

If your dog is having difficulty breathing, this could be a sign of something serious. First, calmy check to see if they have something stuck in their mouth or throat which you can remove. If not, contact your vet for advice.

When a dog has a severe case of diarrhoea or vomiting

Dogs often eat things they shouldn't, which can result in diarrhoea and/or vomiting. However, if this is accompanied by other symptoms, for example, lethargy, severe stomach pain, dehydration, not eating or drinking for 4-6 hours, has blood in their stools, or very dark stools, this could be a sign of something more serious, and they will need to be taken to a vet.

When a dog has trouble going to the toilet

If your dog is struggling to pee, they need to be seen by a vet as soon as possible as this could be a life-threatening condition. If your dog is constipated, this could be a sign that they have eaten something indigestible, their anal glands are blocked, or something more serious. It can also indicate poor diet or a lack of exercise. Speak to your vet for advice.

When a dog has an obvious injury

If your dog is injured and is bleeding heavily, they need to be seen by a vet as a matter of urgency. Minor bleeds can be treated at home by gently washing the wound with a sterile solution. It’s a good idea to have a dog first aid kit to use in the event of an accident.

When a dog has a swollen and distended tummy

If your dog develops a swollen tummy, this could be a sign of a condition called bloat. This is a medical emergency and your dog will need to be seen by a vet immediately.

When a dog cannot stand up or walk

If your dog is unable to get up or walk, it's essential to get them to the vet as a matter of urgency. There could be multiple reasons for this but your dog needs to be examined to find out the cause as soon as possible.

When a dog suffers from severe seizures

You should contact your vet immediately if your dog has a seizure that lasts for more than five minutes or they have more than one seizure in a row. Seizures can be caused by a range of things, including epilepsy, an injury or being poisoned.

Suspected poisoning

There are several food products, including chocolate, grapes, onions and garlic, that are toxic to dogs. If you suspect your dog has eaten something poisonous, you should contact your vet immediately.

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