Help us to document the UK’s animal monuments

Help us to document the UK’s animal monuments


We are calling on pet-loving Britons to help us record the nation’s animal-related sculptures.

From Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh to the planned installation in London of a statue depicting Bob the Streetcat, the reputation of Britain as a nation of animal-lovers is reflected in the many public statues and sculptures in towns and villages across the UK immortalising our four-legged friends.

Yet, due to the fact that many installations pre-date modern planning rules or were standalone charitable or private endeavours, there exists no centralised archive of civic monuments featuring animals.

Therefore, we’ve teamed up with the Public Statues and Sculpture Association ( - the UK’s foremost organisation championing the historical, artistic, and social context of public statues and sculpture - to challenge our users (and animal-lovers across the UK) to help document every animal statue that they might spot.

This initiative will provide the first step towards the first archive of British pet statues, as well as a deeper study of Britain’s animal memorials by the PSSA, with all collected information about the nation’s statues will be used in the PSSA’s future work.

We’re challenging our users (and all animal-lovers) in the UK to submit the locations, dates, materials, and subjects of animal monuments that they encounter.

If you would like to help, please answer as many of the following questions as possible in an email to

  • What does the statue represent? Does the statue have a title? If so, what is it?

  • Who made it? Is there a signature?

  • Is there a date on it which can tell us when it was made?

  • Is there any other information written on the statue?

  • Can you tell what material it is made of? For example, bronze, marble, cement.

  • What is the statue's exact location?

  • Please upload one or more photos (which should be free from copyright restrictions).

Thank you!



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