Holidaying in the UK with Your Cat - Yes or No?

Holidaying in the UK with Your Cat - Yes or No?

If you're planning a holiday in the UK and have rented a pet friendly cottage or are going to spend your time on a camp site that allows pets, you might have wondered whether you could or should take your cat with you on your vacation. Many people do in fact, take their moggies with them if they don't go abroad for their much deserved annual break. At the end of the day, it really does depend on your cat's character or maybe, like many other cat owners in the UK, you've always taken them with on your holiday travels around the country.

Most Cats Crave Attention

Although cats have always been thought of as independent, lofty creatures, a character trait much emphasised in the famous Rudyard Kipling tale of “The Cat who Walked by Himself, if the truth be known, cats are often very dependent animals. They depend on their owners who they are particularly fond of. Cats often get quite upset when they see their owners packing a suitcase, and some will even try to get in the case as if they're asking to be taken along. They become quite clingy as if they don't want their beloved owners to leave the house and them behind. The majority of cats crave the company of people, whether it's you their owner or any other person is sometimes debatable – but they do love to be around their two legged friends, when they're not asleep or out hunting, that is.

Is Your Cat a House Moggy?

If you have a house cat, there is no reason whatsoever why your four legged furry, feline friend shouldn't go with you on your holiday in the UK. In fact, they would probably love it. After all, what cat really likes to go into a cattery or have some stranger pop in to feed them or live with them when they owners are away sunning themselves and having a great time on holiday?

Do You Let Your Cat Go Outside?

If on the other hand, your cat normally goes outside when they feel like it, and have one of those great laid back natures, again you might want to consider taking them with you on your holidays. Naturally you'd have to choose some gorgeous pet-friendly place in the UK and there are lot of them around these days.

Cats have a wonderful sense of direction and superb sense of smell, however, taking them away with you does mean you would need to keep a close eye on them – just in case. Some cats have a knack of taking everything in their stride and this includes moving house. But others get really nervous about the ordeal, for some cats, moving home is really a challenging and stressful time.

Is Your Cat a Nervous Moggy?

If your cat is very nervous by nature and falls into the category of hating any changes to their routine, then maybe it's not such a good idea to take them out of their environment so they can go on holiday with you. It might just turn out to be too much for them so it's best to avoid putting them through it.

One good idea is to have your cat micro-chipped if you do take them away with you on holiday. Discuss micro-chipping with your vet to make sure you understand all that it involves and any health risks that might be associated with the procedure.

The Pros & Cons of Catteries

Catteries are all well and good, and the people running them love the cats they look after for people when they go away. They make sure their residents have everything they need in the way of food, water and favourite treats left behind by their owners. However, from a cat's point of view, a cattery is a prison, an unfamiliar place where they are locked up for the time you're away on holiday.

When you do get back and pick your furry little friend up, they are usually ecstatic at the sight of you and can't wait to get home and back to their routine. On the other hand, there are some characters that go into a week long sulk when you pick them up, leaving you with the feeling, you'll never be forgiven, ever!

Are You Planning a Month Long Holiday in the UK?

If you're planning a longer than usual break in the UK and have organised a month long stay in a pet-friendly property, then taking your cat with you has to be a must. Cats, being one of the smartest pets people like to own, soon get the hang of a new place which is pretty evident when you decide to move house.

Some people let their moggies out after only a few days of moving into a new house. Other people wait a couple of weeks or so – and the reason is they know their pets and when it's the right time to give them their outdoor freedom again. It's all about knowing your cat as to whether you take them with you to a pet friendly place in the UK. On the positive side, there's a great choice of holiday places that allow pets to accompany their owners on their holidays – as long as their pets are well behaved!



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