How Can You Tell if a Dog is Bored?

How Can You Tell if a Dog is Bored?

Pet Psychology

Some dogs are really good at keeping themselves amused without it becoming an unwanted behaviour. However, other dogs can become extremely destructive which leaves their owners wondering what they can do to keep their pooches occupied and amused. If you go out in the morning only to come back to find your beloved dog has rearranged your house for you, the chances are the damage they've done is due to the fact they've been thoroughly and utterly bored in your absence.

Dogs don't get destructive to punish you

The thing to bear in mind is that dogs don’t get destructive and tear up carpets and curtains because they want to punish their owners for something they have or have not done to them. The reason is a lot simpler to understand than that because dogs usually end up being naughty around the home because they are frustrated which happens when they are not given enough mental stimulation and physical exercise. A dog with too much pent up energy tends to be a “naughty” dog and it all stems from them being bored!

Other clues to watch out for that your dog may well be bored

There are other clues to watch out for that could be a clear indication of canine boredom. This includes when you walk through the door and they follow you around like they are your shadow. If when you get home and find them lying there unresponsive to your calls, it could well be they've given up trying to get your attention. With this said it could also be they are not feeling well and need to be taken to the vet for a thorough examination sooner rather than later.

Making sure the time you can spend with your pooch is “quality time”

It would be fair to say the majority of dog owners have to go out to work every day and therefore they just can't spend as much time as they would like with their pets. With this said, as long as you spend real “quality time” with them when you can, then you can be sure you've done everything to tire them out keeping them happy and entertained. A longer walk in an interesting environment goes down a treat with any dog. Weekends should be spent doing as much as you can with your pet in the great outdoors so they get to have as much time with you as they possibly can doing what dogs love best – which is sniffing around!

Leaving and coming home needs to be done calmly

The other thing all dog owners need to do is leave home and return to it calmly without making a big thing deal about the fact you are going out and coming home again. Dogs are ultra quick on picking up on your vibes and if you are excited, they will be too. If you get your dog too excited when you leave them alone, the chances are they will remain hyped up for quite a while which could lead to them being a little destructive around the home. Boredom in dogs usually means they do something that will result in damage to a chair leg, a carpet, a rug or even their owners shoes to name just a few of the things they may decide to take their boredom out of.

Make sure you leave lots of toys for your pooch to play with

If you know you are going to be out for a long time and worried your pooch may get a bit bored with their own company, it's a good idea to leave lots of their favourite toys around the house for them to play with. You can also leave a radio or the television on which means there's a familiar sound in the house that might pacify a more worried and stressed out canine companion keeping them happy until you get home again.

Employ the services of a dog walker

If you know you are going to be out for longer than usual for a few days on the trot, consider employing the services of a reliable and trustworthy dog walker making sure you get references before entrusting your beloved pet and house keys to them. If you don't feel comfortable about a stranger taking care of your dog, ask a good friend or family member if they would be willing to take your dog out for walks and keep them company for the times you are out for longer than usual.


Unlike cats, dogs can get very bored if left to their own devices for too long. The result is that boredom sets in which in turn means they can develop some unwanted behavioural issues. This includes getting a little creative at entertaining themselves by tearing up your furniture, curtains and carpets. The rule of thumb is a tired dog will not turn into a destructive character because they simply don't have the energy left to destroy things, much preferring to relax and sleep the hours away until their owners return home again. If you think your dog is bored, then you should try to spend as much time with them as you can, making sure it is “quality time” doing the things your canine companion really enjoys.

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