How Good Gut Bacteria Protects Your Dog's Overall Health

How Good Gut Bacteria Protects Your Dog's Overall Health

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Most dog owners know that when their pets have an upset stomach it can turn out to be more than a bit messy. Digestive problems in dogs can be triggered by all sorts of things, including any medication they may have been given for a condition they're suffering from. When the natural balance of the gut is disturbed in any way, shape or form it leads to all sorts of problems with antibiotics being one of the main culprits for doing this!

Research carried out indicates that a healthy gut is a key factor in canine health and that many of the new generation of antibiotics and drugs available today have been seen to negatively impact the good bacteria found in a dog's gut. These recent studies also suggest that some conditions would be better treated through diet rather than with medication. Many vets now believe that cultivating a much better balance of good bacteria in the gut could be a more positive approach to managing many conditions and canine diseases.

The Importance of Prebiotics

Prebiotics which are a valuable source of soluble fibre play an important role in a dog's diet. In short, supplementing their diet with prebiotics it means you effectively encourage the growth of good bacteria in their gut. Probiotics which are the bacteria found in the gut help manage and treat certain conditions which includes diabetes, obesity and Salmonella infections. Some vets already treat certain cases of acute gastrointestinal condition with supplements alone and so with great success!

Microbiota Explained

A large number of different types of bacteria live in a dog's intestinal tract which are referred to as microbiota. This fragile yet complex biological environment plays a key role in both body and gut function with larger amounts of good"" gut bacteria resulting in better all-round health.

When the ""bad"" bacteria overwhelms the good, it results in dogs suffering from bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. However, it is not only the gut that's negatively impacted because other parts of the body are affected too.

The research was carried out by Dr Kelly Scott Swanson and he discovered that the type of microbiota found in a dog's gut can be associated with certain chronic conditions like diabetes, obesity as well as gastrointestinal disorders and oral disease. The types of bacteria found in the gut can also have a bearing on other conditions which includes the following:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Acute infections of Salmonella
  • Skin diseases
  • Urinary infections and diseases

The Benefits of Promoting Good Gut Bacteria

There are many benefits to promoting good gut bacteria to flourish which are listed below:

  • It helps maintain a strong and healthy digestive tract
  • It helps maintain a well balanced internal gut environment

A strong and healthy digestive tract will ensure that dogs enjoy better all round health which means they have more energy, their coats and skin are kept nice and healthy, but more importantly they will be able to fight off disease and infections so much better because their immune systems will be that much stronger too. This allows them to effectively fight off all those nasty and damaging pathogens they are constantly being bombarded with.

Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplements

Supplementing your dog's diet with both prebiotic and probiotic supplements ensures the flora in their gut remains nice and strong especially if they have been on a course of antibiotics or other medication. However, supplementing their diet routinely with both these supplements would help ensure they stay healthy throughout their lives reducing the risk of them developing certain conditions and diseases.

As more research is carried out into gastrointestinal ecology in dogs and other animals, the more it is understood how the good flora in a gut can help keep our pets strong. It also allows for vets to understand how preventing, treating and managing certain condition can be achieved through dietary intervention instead of having to put dogs on a course of medication and drugs.


The recent research carried out into a dog's gastrointestinal ecology has offered lots of insight into the importance of keeping the good flora in their gut nice and healthy because it does have a bearing on our pets overall health. The study also showed that many gastrointestinal disorders and other diseases can be effectively managed through diet rather than medication and drugs with many vets already using dietary supplements in the form of prebiotics and probiotics to treat acute gastrointestinal disorders seen in dogs and they are doing so very successfully.


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