How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pet Rabbit?

How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pet Rabbit?

For decades rabbits have been some of the most popular pets which is hardly surprising because they are such adorable creatures to have around. For decades, children have kept bunnies as first pets which teaches kids lots about responsibility among other things.

A lot of breeds are pretty cheap to buy, although setting up a nice environment for rabbits to live in can be a little expensive because bunnies need lots of space so they can express their natural behaviours. The ongoing expenses associated with keeping a bunny rabbit as a pet are not to be sniffed at either, and you may be surprised at how much this works out at.

Rabbits like all other creatures people keep as pets, need to be super well cared for and fed all the right nutritious food for them to remain happy and healthy throughout their lives. The healthier a bunny is, the less chance of having to take them to the vet which can be expensive depending on the treatment they need to be given.

The Cost of Buying a Bunny

We now know that bunnies like to be kept with others of their own kind because they are very social animals my nature. These days a lot of people like to keep two rabbits together so they can enjoy each other's company which in turn means they are much happier all round simply because they don't get lonely.

Depending on breed, rabbits can cost up to £50 each with some costing even more especially if they are among the rarer and therefore more sought after breeds which includes breeds like the Chinchilla Rabbit.

The Cost of Neutering Rabbits

All rabbits should be neutered for their own well-being because there are some health issues that can develop if they are not. Even if you keep two male rabbits in the same environment, it's better to get them neutered because it reduces the chances of them fighting simply because they will be far less territorial. Females too should be neutered to avoid them developing any health issues later on in their lives.

The cost of neutering a rabbit is anything between £50 to £100, with females being more expensive than males simply because the procedure is more complicated than it is in males. If you decide to adopt two bunnies from a rescue centre, they will already have been neutered which means this particular expense can be avoided.

The Cost of Rabbit Housing

Lots of people like to keep bunnies as indoor pets because they are really easy to litter train and they make wonderfully affectionate companions. This means you can avoid all the expense of buying rabbit houses, runs and everything else needed to keep your pet in a safe outdoor environment. However, you would need to “rabbit” proof your home so that your long-eared friend doesn't hurt themselves or eat something they should not when they are roaming around.

As previously touched upon, buying a suitably large rabbit hutch and rabbit run is often the largest expense when deciding to get a pet bunny. Both need to be well made and large enough for your pets to display their natural behaviours. Rabbits need a place to sleep, enough space so they can stretch out, enough height for them to be able to stand up on their hind legs which they love to do and an area they can use as their “toilet” which needs to be large enough to accommodate a good sized litter tray.

Rabbit hutches also need to be waterproof and made so that predators cannot get in to harm them. A bunny's environment needs to be nice and dry in all weathers, but cool enough during the hotter summer months.

Runs need to be extra secure and escape proof because bunnies are pretty good at getting out and they are expert “diggers”! However, wire on the base of a rabbit run can cause quite a lot of damage to your pet's little feet which is something you need to think about.

The actual cost of a well-made rabbit hutch together with a run and one that would be large enough for two rabbits to happily live in, could set you back as little £200 but some are a lot more expensive and can run up to £500 plus!

The Cost of Accessories

You'll also need to invest in good quality accessories which includes things like water bottles and food bowls. The right type of bedding for bunnies is also another expense you cannot avoid and the same can be said of litter which needs to be purchased as a matter of routine. You also have to invest in some grooming equipment because rabbits love being brushed and pampered too. They really enjoy the one-to-one attention you give them when they are being groomed and this helps form a strong bond with your bunny.

Then of course, there's all the toys that will go a long way in enhancing your pets environment, not forgetting the healthy, chewy treats which bunnies can gnaw on so their wear down their teeth something they have to do. Rabbits are intelligent creatures and they benefit from lots of stimulation with some breeds and individuals needing more than others! The cost of buying bedding, litter and other things to keep your bunny happily living in a clean environment is around £100 per bunny a year!

The Cost of Food

Rabbits need to be fed a correct well-balanced diet which means making sure there is plenty of fibre in it and less sugary things which could seriously negatively impact their weight and their general health too. Even healthy treats like fruit should only be given in small amounts and only as an occasional goodie on the odd occasion.

On average you have to expect to pay at least £500 plus on food to keep pet bunny happy and healthy!

The Cost for Veterinary Treatments

You may hope your bunny never falls ill, but they still need to be vaccinated against certain diseases which includes Myxomatosis and VHD every six months. Rabbits also very often have to see the vet when they develop dental issues due to being fed an incorrect diet!

Like all other pets, bunnies also need to be regularly wormed and treated against fly strike if they live outdoors. The cost of all this can soon add up so you have to expect to pay in the regions of £60 per rabbit every year for essential visits to the vet!

The Cost of Insurance

It's always a good idea to take out some insurance so that if your bunny ever gets seriously ill or injured, you know that you can afford for them to be treated by the vet. However, a lot of common disorders that bunnies are prone to suffer from that are often not covered in an insurance plan which is something you need to bear in mind when you shop around for pet insurance.

Generally, rabbit insurance will cost you anything from between £10 to £15 every month!

Last Word

When you add up the total cost of looking after a pet bunny, it can come as a bit of a surprise which means you have to be sure you can afford to look after your pets as you should or you might find that it becomes a bit of a struggle instead of something that should be a wonderfully pleasant experience and one that lasts a very long time!



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