How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy?

How much should you pay for a Cockapoo puppy?

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The Cockapoo is the UK’s most popular hybrid dog breed overall, and they are also a lot more popular than most of our pedigree dog breeds too – being ranked in fourth place across 241 different dog breeds and types.

This means that they’re in huge demand among prospective puppy buyers, and as one of the UK’s most popular and common dog types, there are usually plenty of litters offered for sale for buyers to choose from.

However, as is the case with any dog type, the price difference between any two Cockapoo pups can be quite variable – even sometimes for different pups from the same litter.

The fact that the Cockapoo isn’t a recognised pedigree dog breed and so, doesn’t have a lot of uniformity in terms of dog traits and prices also means that determining the appropriate sale price for any dog of this type can be a challenge.

In this article we will share the average purchase price of a Cockapoo puppy, and look at the factors you should consider when deciding how much is a fair price to pay for any given puppy. Read on to learn more.

What is the average price of a Cockapoo?

Pets4Homes is the UK’s largest and busiest pet classifieds and animal advice site, and we collate information on the average advertised prices for all of the UK’s different breeds and types of dogs. This allows us to build up a very true to life picture of price trends for dogs for sale all across the UK, on a breed-by-breed basis.

Based on user adverts on Pets4Homes, the average advertised price for a Cockapoo for sale is around £829 – which is no small chunk of change! Cockapoos actually change hands for average figures higher than many pedigree dog breeds – which means determining a fair price and making the right decision when choosing a puppy is very important.

What determines the average Cockapoo price?

The £829 figure is an average cost per dog based on user adverts over the last year, and some Cockapoos will of course cost more, and some less. Despite the fact that this hybrid breed isn’t a pedigree, they are very popular and much in demand – which contributes to their relatively high sale prices.

Some of the factors that make this dog type so popular include their size, fur texture, intelligence and temperament, as well as their versatility. They also tend to be robust and healthy dogs, which are a good fit for families with children.

Determining the exact causes of and variance in the purchase price of the Cockapoo dog type as a whole and any individual puppy from it specifically could fill a whole book on economics on its own – but when you know the average sale price across the board, you can begin to assess other factors that cause price variance, and make an informed decision about the right price for any given Cockapoo puppy.

Why might a Cockapoo cost significantly more than the average?

Taking a range of variation of around £50-£100 each way of the £829 mark as being within the average normal price range, next it is a good idea to learn about some of the factors that might lead to a Cockapoo being worth rather more than this.

Here are some of the most common reasonable reasons why a Cockapoo pup might cost more than most:

  • Their two respective parents were pedigree dogs of their own breed – particularly if they were very good examples of the breed.
  • The parent dogs underwent health testing for certain breed specific conditions, and returned good results.
  • The pups in the litter inherit the poodle coat trait, which is low shedding and sometimes referred to as hypoallergenic. This coat type is more in demand than a more cocker spaniel style coat, but the ideal is straight down the middle, with a curled but relaxed texture that sheds very little.
  • The pup or the whole litter are particularly good examples of the Cockapoo type, and are considered to be excellent quality. The same may be true if this can also be said for the parent dogs.
  • The parent stock are from a well known and well regarded Cockapoo breed line, and are in particular demand with puppy buyers.
  • The pup or pups are being sold as prospective breeding stock.
  • The litter is located in a major city or thriving economic area – for instance, Cockapoos in London are likely to cost more than those in the North.

Why might a Cockapoo cost significantly less than the average?

Cockapoos that cost significantly less than the average bear further investigation, to ensure that the price is really a bargain and doesn’t indicate that something is amiss.

Some of the most common factors that may result in a Cockapoo costing less than the average include:

  • The litter is a first-generation cross that looks a lot more like one of the two parent breeds than the other, rather than being a fairly even mix.
  • One or both of the parent dogs is not a very good example of their breed or type.
  • There is a known or suspected health issue within the breed line, or no investment made in breed line improvement and health.
  • The pup’s coat does not bear much resemblance to the poodle coat type.
  • The pups aren’t great examples of the Cockapoo type.
  • The pup or pups are being sold as pets only, with an understanding or agreement that they won’t be bred from later.
  • The litter was the result of a mis-mating match, rather than a planned litter.
  • The pup or pups for sale are older than the 12-14 week old age at which most new puppy buyers seek to take their new companion home.
  • The litter is bred and located in an area of the UK where the cost of living and disposable income of the residents is comparatively low.

There is nothing wrong with paying more or less than the Cockapoo average price if the pup you are considering is what you are looking for – but if they are a lot more or less than the norm, you should first find out why this is. Using factors like the information provided above can help you to determine the right price for any given pup, and so allow you to identify whether the amount you will potentially be paying is fair – and why.



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