How to celebrate New Year with your pet

How to celebrate New Year with your pet

Celebrating New Year is great for us humans but for our pets it can
be a stressful time. Here are our top 5 tips to prepare your pet for the big day
and get them involved in all the celebrations.

Spend time outdoors during the day

When midnight strikes the sky fills with bright lights and loud bangs which can
be tough for our beloved pets. Consider bringing rabbits inside the house and
only allow cats to wander during the day. When walking your dog, take them
somewhere new or try a different route. Get their smell senses soaring and they
will be ready for a big snooze when night time hits.

Prepare a calm and safe space

Put your dog’s bed, a soft blanket, and their favourite toy in an area of the house
they feel safe, away from anywhere people will gather. Allow them to retreat to
their ‘haven’ when things get a little too loud. Make sure you have their favourite
treats on hand too. For cats, they will welcome a snug high-up hiding place to

Keep scary noises out

Close all the windows, curtains, and blinds to haze the sounds of music and
celebrations outside. It will also mask the bright sparks and light from the
fireworks that may scare your pet. Dim the lights, create a calm and soothing
mood, and snuggle up close on the sofa.

Keep them distracted

Why not fill a treat-dispensing toy with tasty chicken pieces or smother a Kong
toy with dog-friendly paste to keep them busy and distracted when New Year
celebrations begin. You could spend some time baking them a treat - how about
a simple stack of dog-friendly pancakes! Mix plain flour, one egg, and water.
Then pan-fry. Once cool, add a topping of choice.

Big kiss at midnight

Who else deserves a kiss more than your pet? They never left your side the past
year and will be the ones right there with you for years to come. Their love is
unconditional so ring in the New Year with your number one and look ahead to a
brand new and better 2022.

If your pet gets extremely distraught on days such as the 31st, it is important to
seek professional advice and consult your vet as medication may be provided to help reduce your pet's anxiety.



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