How to Create Wonderful Hideaways for Your Cat This Summer

How to Create Wonderful Hideaways for Your Cat This Summer


There's nothing cats like more than tucking themselves away somewhere nice and quiet so they can snooze a few hours away during the day. With the warm weather here, cats like to spend as much time as they can in the great outdoors exploring their territories which they can't do so much when the weather is bad.

Naturally, you need to make sure your garden is cat-friendly and that you don't grow any plants which are known to be toxic to our feline friends. With this said, planting some catnip in your borders will keep your cat very happy for hours!

Cats Love Being up High

Cats love climbing up to a vantage point so they can look down on the world below. If you have any trees in your garden, building a little platform with a small house on it, provides your feline friend with the perfect spot for them to have a nap or two. When they are awake, they can check out what's going on below them from a wonderful vantage point and out of sight!

It provides your pet with the perfect hiding place and the best part is that you don't have to build the platform high up in the tree. The height of a washing line would be high enough for your cat to jump up to and would not be too high for them to injure themselves when jumping back down to the ground.

The Top of a Compost Bin is Ideal

If you don't have any trees in the back garden, all is not lost because a solid compost bin with a nice length of old carpet placed on the top of it provides a great place for your cat to lounge on when the mood takes them. Naturally, as the compost heats up this provides extra warmth which as every cat owner knows is just what their pets crave most when they want to take a snooze for an hour or two during the day!

Build Ledges on Garden Fences

Creating ledges around the garden in places that are covered in greenery is another option that cats adore especially if it's on a fence or the side of a shed that catches a lot of sun. If you have a nice strong wooden fence with lots of trailing plants growing over and along it, you can create a lovely hideaway for your pussy cat to hide in by building a nice solid ledge in the greenery and neatly attached to the fence.

Once your feline friend discovers the hideaway, they'll love spending a few hours lounging in their hideaway on a nice warm day and should it start to drizzle or rain as it often does during the summer, your cat can then tuck themselves nicely away in the garden shed if you have one!

Garden Sheds are Perfect

If you have a garden shed, then consider putting a cat flap in either the door or the side of the shed so that your pet can sneak in there when they want to. You can build a nice, comfy shelf for pussy cat to sleep on making sure it is wide enough to place a cosy cat bed that doesn't risk falling off it.

However, remember to leave the window slightly ajar because sheds tend to get very hot inside when the temperature warms up. You may also need to invest in a cat flap that only lets your cat in and out of the shed which is especially useful if you have other cats visiting your garden.

The last thing you need is for a neighbour's cat to start squatting in your garden shed! You can buy cat flaps that only open for the cat that's wearing a collar with a magnet on it or you could invest in one that only opens and closes for your micro-chipped moggy which are slightly more expensive, but well worth it!

Keeping Everything Safe

Because your cat might be spending more time outside in the garden, you need to make sure any water butts are well covered because they present a real danger to cats should they have the misfortune to fall into one. By placing some strong wire mesh on the top of a butt, your cat can jump up without the risk of them falling in and accidentally drowning.

Keeping Other Cats Out of Your Garden

If you have a lot of other cats coming into your garden on a regular basis and maybe even annoying or bossing your cat around, you may like to think about preventing them from getting into the garden altogether. You can buy galvanised brackets which fit nicely on the top of a fence at an angle of around 45%. You can then place some chicken wire along the top of your garden fence.

Cats are not particularly fond of walking on mesh or wire especially if it's angled which means they won't be so keen on getting into your garden. The bonus being that your cat would be kept safely in too because they wouldn't be able to jump out either!


Animals as well as people love it when the better weather arrives and cats are real masters at finding the sunniest and cosiest place to doze off in. By creating some lovely quite hideaways for your pussy cat to tuck themselves away in during the warmer summer days, you will be enhancing their environment no end and your cat will love you for doing it!

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