How to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

How to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

Life As A Pet Parent

As any pet owner knows, going away on holiday can be a bit of a dilemma because whether it's a dog, cat or any other sort of family pet that you share your life with, it's really important they stay safe and happy whilst you are away. Some people find it incredibly hard to even think about taking a holiday because they know they will be worried about their pets the whole time they are away. However, everyone deserves a break in the sun from time to time which often means travelling abroad.

There are a few options open to pet owners when it comes to making sure their beloved animals are well taken care of when they are away on holiday. By far the best option is to have someone house sit"" for you because, this way your dog, cat or any other family pet does not have to go through the trauma of being taken to a new and strange place which many pets find very unsettling. Not only do they find themselves in a place with lots of unfamiliar smells, but their owners are nowhere in sight either!

A Trustworthy & Responsible House Sitter is a Must

However, you need to make sure the person who house sits your pets for you is a responsible and trustworthy person not only for the safety of your home but your animals too. You also need to be sure they know how to look after your pets correctly. If you are a dog owner, the person needs to get to know your dog and their routine which means you should go on a short break somewhere closer so that you can do a ""test run"". The same applies to cats because many of our feline companions tend to be shy around people they don't know so it's important for them to get to know the person first.

Things Can Go Wrong

It goes without saying that things may and do, often go wrong when pet owners are away on holiday. With the summer fast approaching, more people are getting ready and planning their annual holidays. They are also organising what to do with their pets whilst they are away and many decide to have a pet sitter take care of their canine and feline companions for them.

The chances are that something may happen which could include a dog getting into a fight with another dog. A nervous cat might have escaped out of the house much to the dismay and worry of the pet sitter or maybe they would not come out of hiding with a stranger in the house which can be a very anxious time for all concerned.

This is why it's so important for a pet sitter to come to your house a few times before you go away on holiday, so they get to know the animals, their characters and their routines. The animals in turn get to know the pet sitter so they are familiar with them when they do turn up to pet and house sit for you. You need to feel completely comfortable about the person you entrust your pets to which in turn should reduce the chance of things going wrong.

You also need to make sure the pet sitter can get in touch with you when you are away. If they cannot reach you, they should have a contact telephone number of someone you know who will be able to lend a hand should this be necessary when you are away and preferably, this needs to be someone who doesn't live too far away from your home.

What to Look For in a Pet/House Sitter

So that you have complete peace of mind when you are away, below are a few things you need to check out before leaving your house keys and your beloved pets in the hands of a pet sitter.

  • Make sure you get references – if the person comes highly recommended by other pet owners you know – all the better
  • If you use a pet sitting service, make sure they are true professionals that boast a good reputation and that their company is well established – do not be tempted to use anyone who is not set up in a professional manner
  • Is the person qualified to do the job? If you are using a company then you need to be sure the people they employ are qualified to look after pets whether it's dogs, cats or other family pets?
  • Does the company have a set protocol in place so that when an employee is sent to look after a pet in a home, they have forms with them which consist of questions they will ask you so that all your pet's needs are correctly met and all this needs to be done well in advance of your departure?
  • Make sure you have an ""emergency plan"" in place and that your pet sitter has one too. You need to be sure they would be able to handle an emergency situation should the need arise – this includes having a back-up sitter ready to step in should the original sitter have any sort of problem which would prevent them from doing their job when you are away
  • Make sure your vet knows you are going to be away on holiday and that if anything untoward should happen to your pet or pets, the sitter would be able to take them to the vet so they are treated no matter what


Leaving a dog or a cat in a home environment when you are away on holiday, is so much nicer for them because it means they don't have to go through the upheaval of being taken to a strange place where there is usually lot of noise and unfamiliar smells. This can stress out dogs and cats especially when their owners are nowhere in sight. As long as you use a trustworthy, responsible and highly recommended pet sitter or pet sitting service, then you can go away for a well deserved break knowing your beloved pet or pets are being well cared for in the comfort of their own home.




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