"How to Groom a Long-haired Persian Cat

"How to Groom a Long-haired Persian Cat

Grooming & Hygiene

Cats are glorious creatures and they bring lots of joy into a person's life. They are incredibly affectionate yet it's their independence that makes them so very unique. However, in order to keep a long-haired cat like a Persian happy and healthy, it's really important to make sure they are regularly and properly groomed.

Grooming your cat will help you form a very strong bond with them. However, occasionally it's a good idea to take your pet along to a grooming parlour so they can be pampered by a professional. However, learning how to brush and comb your cat yourself is really important so the experience is an enjoyable one for both you and your feline friend.

How to Brush and Comb a Persian

Cats love grooming themselves and will spend around 10 percent of their time doing just this – when they are awake that is. They lick off all the excess fur found in their coats as well as any dirt found on it. However, some cats are better at grooming themselves than others.Because Persians have such thick coats it's especially important to brush and comb them on a regular basis and the more frequently you do this, the more your pet will enjoy the experience.

It's important to understand the difference between a cat brush and a cat comb. You should use the comb to get rid of all excess hair in your pet's coat as this will help prevent the risk of them developing a hair ball. Combing also allows you to check of fleas and any sort of injury which you would otherwise not be picked up on. However, you need to be very gentle when combing your cat especially if you find any tangles in their coats. The thing to bear in mind, is that Persians have pretty fine fur and if you pull too much, you will end up hurting your pet which could end up making them resent being groomed.

You should use the cat brush to fluff up your pet's coat after having thoroughly combed it through, this way any more excess hair will be removed which is important to prevent fur balls. You also need to invest in the proper equipment because a using normal hairbrush would prove to be a waste of time. You can buy complete cat grooming kits from good pet stores or even online which consist of everything you would need including the all important flea comb.

Early Grooming is Essential

It's important to groom young kittens as early as possible so they get used to the routine and learn to enjoy the experience. Persian kittens have extremely fine hair so you need to make sure you are very gentle when you first start combing and then brushing them. Persians that have not been regularly groomed when young, can be that much harder to brush which means you need to be extra careful and take all the time it needs to get them used to the experience.

You should never try to groom an adult cat for too long if they don't like it, but rather do this is short bursts making it intoa sort of play time"". If you have trouble getting your pet to accept being groomed, you might want to take them to a grooming parlour so the experts can help your cat get used to being combed and brushed. As your pet gets more used to being groomed, you can increase the amount of time you brush them.Persians need to have the occasional bath and a professional groomer would be able to expertly do this for you.

Every Day Grooming is Essential

Long-haired Persians need to be groomed on a daily basis and the best time to do this is in the evening. Combing and brushing their coats shouldn't take more than around 10 minutes or so and it's a great way to bond with your pet, especially if you make it into a ""play time"" for them too. However, you should also check their ears, eyes, noses and around their back ends. Checking theirteeth on a regular basis is essential to make sure there's no excessive build-up of plaque or a broken/damaged tooth.

Quick Tips of How to Brush Your Long-haired Persian

  • It's easier to groom your cat if they are on a table or bench – although some cats prefer it if you brush them when they are on your lap
  • Using the comb first, gently brush your pet starting at their heads and working your way right down to their tales, removing any knots and tangles without pulling on them as you go. You need to brush under the chin and belly which cats love, but remember, the hair is that much finer so you have to do this extra gently
  • Using a flea comb, repeat the process being extra careful not to press too hard as this will end up hurting your pet
  • Using a cat brush, fluff up your pet's coat and to take out any excess hair that may still be in their coats

Check Out Your Pet's Ears Once a Month

It's really important to routinely check your cat's ears to make sure there are no mites and to clean out any wax or dirt that may have built up in them. However, you should do this extremely carefully and never go too deep inside the ear because you could end up causing permanent damage to their hearing. You should only clean the areas you can see and nothing further down the ear canal. This should be left to the vet should your pet's ears need cleaning.

Check Your Pet's Teeth Once a Week

It's important to keep an eye on your cat's teeth too and if they are used to having them cleaned, you need to do this at least once a week. If you've adopted a rescue cat and one that has never had their teeth cleaned, your best bet is to take them to the vet to have their teeth checked on a regular basis and to offer them dental sticks on a daily basis. If you do brush your cat's teeth, make sure you use a toothpaste that's been specifically formulated for use on cats.


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