How to Help Cat Proof Your Computer

How to Help Cat Proof Your Computer


It is amazing how cats seem to be fascinated by computers and laptops. It could be they offer our furry feline friends a warm place to lay on. Or maybe it is all the clicking noises that catches their attention. But for whatever reason, you will often find your cat laying across your keyboard and although it may bring a smile to your face, it can become a real problem too.

Making Sure Computer Wires Are Cat Safe

Pussy cats love to play with wires which can pose yet another problem not only for your four legged buddy, but for your computer too. A wire that's been slightly chewed through can lead to intermittent power getting through to a computer and this could lead to a total melt down.Tying wires up into bundles decreases the chances of your cat getting tangled up in them and greatly reduces the chances of a cat being able to get their teeth through the plastic outer coating. You can get hold of special casings that all the wires from a computer can run through, and not only will this stop wires from getting damaged but it keeps them tidy too.Laptop wires can prove to be very inviting to cats as well. So it is always a good idea to keep an eye on both the cords and your cat if you decide to work on a laptop anywhere in your house.

How to Keep Cat Fur Off Your Keyboard

Of course, the best way to keep cat fur off a keyboard is to not let your cat anywhere near it in the first place. However, there will be times when your furry little friend sneaks through to where you are working. Cat fur has a habit of getting in everywhere and includes under the keys of a keyboard. If you let it build up, it represents a safety hazard so you need to keep an eye on things. Cat fur also clogs up fans and this can make a computer overheat as well as overwork. This puts extra pressure on the fan which in turn means the central processing unit (CPU) gets hotter too.If you do let your cat near your computer, then you have to make sure you clean the fan regularly and then take a look at vent openings as well as any filters on your computer. If any of these get blocked and remain blocked, your computer will have to work overtime which is never good for it. When you are not working on it, then place a dust cover over your keyboard to protect it. You can buy these at most computer shops. If you work on a laptop, then make sure you keep it shut when not in use.

Keep the Cat Out of Your Computer Room

You should discourage your feline friend from getting into your computer room. However, this can be a pretty hard thing to do, especially if you're the sort of person who likes to have them sit by you when you are working. If this is the case then just make sure you regularly clean your computer and ideally you should never leave pussy cat alone in the room with a computer when it is turned on.Cats love to jump on things and the last thing you need is to have your feline friend use your computer desk as a landing and launching platform. If your cat insists on doing this, then you might have to ban them from being in the room with you altogether.The other option is to try and stop them from doing it by quickly picking them up and then gently putting them on the floor every time they do jump up on your work desk. It might take a while but eventually your cat will get the message if you react by doing this every time.

How to Protect Your Keyboard From Paws

For some reason cats seem to love walking across keyboards and very often will lie or sit on them looking very comfortable indeed. Some cats like to play with the keys and if one come off, you might never find it again. If you are working on something and have to leave your computer for a few minutes, your cat might even delete any work you have done. They could even cause a computer to crash by treading incessantly on the keyboard.There are several options open to you if you do let your cat in with you when you are working on your computer. One is to invest in a keyboard tray that you can pushed in when you are not typing on it. The other alternative is to stand your keyboard in the upright position when you are away from your computer. However, this means you have to train yourself to remember to do these things and not your cat.Another alternative is to invest in a cat paw recognition software ( See here ). This is a great way of preventing a cat from typing away on a document you might be working on. You can even find some recognition software that makes specific noises that will scare a cat away from the keyboard.

Cats, Computers and Drinks Spell Disaster

It goes without saying that drinks and cats around a keyboard is a recipe for disaster. This is when you need to use common sense. If you want to have a drink then it is best to leave your computer and go into another room – with your cat in tow. The old adage of 'it is better to be safe than sorry' comes into play.


At the end of the day, cats are a constant source of pleasure and amusement. We love to have them around but at the same time, when working on a computer, it can be quite a chore to keep a four legged friend from trying to help out with the work. As long as you are prepared to keep on top of all the cat hairs that will clog up your computer, then there is nothing nicer than having a cat sit watching you as you work away on your computer.Covering up your keyboard and tidying away all the wires so that your cat does not get into trouble, will help things a lot. Just remember not to have your cat, a drink and something to eat next to your computer at the same time!


Although cats are notorious independent thinkers, try giving them another place to be that can be challenging sometimes!

  • Don't keep your favorite rat, rabbit, mouse, hamster, gerbil, etc., in the same vicinity as your computing space. Your cat will be more than curious to visit and to use your desk as the launching pad.
  • If the computer noise seems to attract your cat, consider turning it off when you're just word processing, thinking, or doing anything that doesn't need sound.
  • Cats Hate aluminum foil. Consider placing a sheet over your computer keyboard when you are not there. This can be very simple to cover it every time you leave, even for just a few moments.
  • Buy your cat an iPad or pass down your old iPad to your cat. Cats can manipulate touch screens a lot easier than keyboards and there are special cat apps to let Kitty get into her own computing. Set her iPad on the floor near you and watch her have fun with it while you get back to the keyboard.
  • Be sure there's enough space for your cat to get into your lap. Typing over her back may be just enough intimacy if what she wanted was to get your attention rather than just get at your computer.


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