How to Keep a Welsh Terrier's Coat Looking Good

How to Keep a Welsh Terrier's Coat Looking Good

Grooming & Hygiene

Welsh Terriers are charming looking dogs which are quite often mistaken for being Wired Haired Fox Terriers, although sometimes they are confused with miniature Airedales too. In truth, these lovely dogs are not related to either of the breeds, or so it is thought. They are one of the oldest breeds in the land, but today are on the list of “vulnerable” native dogs in the UK.

These great looking dogs boast very kind natures and are considered as the least likely to fight among terrier breeds. Welsh Terriers really enjoy being around people and are renowned for being truly loyal companions. However, like all terriers, they need to be kept busy both physically and mentally which means they need to be taken out for lots of walks. This naturally often results in a rather dirty dog especially when they are let off their leads to chase about, something they really adore doing!

Keeping a Welsh Terrier's coat in great condition does require a bit of time, but it is time well spent because a little one-to-one grooming session with your dog means strengthening your bond with them. These delightful characters boast a double-coat that provides all the waterproofing they need to keep the dry and warm even in the worst of weathers.

Another bonus, is that Welsh Terriers shed very little hair, but this does not mean their coats do not need frequent brushing as this prevents any nasty tangles and mats forming. On the upside, you hardly ever need to bath a Welsh Terrier, unless of course they have found something very nasty and smelly to roll in when out on a walk.

Tools You Need in Your Grooming Kit

  • Pin and/or a slicker brush
  • A pair of scissors and/or hair clippers (preferably scissors with rounded tips)
  • A good quality stripping knife
  • A dog specific shampoo – for those hopefully rare occasions when you need to bath your dog

Weekly Routine

If you brush your dog regularly it will take you far less time on each occasion which is just one of the reasons why it's such a good idea to set up frequent grooming sessions. It also means you could get away with grooming your dog once a week, but in order to get to that stage, you may need to start out brushing them three times a week or so.

The best tools to use on their coats is either a slicker or pin brush which helps get rid of all dead and shedding hair to prevent it from getting matted and horribly tangled.

When To Strip Their Coats

A Welsh Terrier's coat would need to be stripped at least two or even three times a year depending on the condition of their coats. It would be a mistake to think that because these lovely dogs don't shed much hair they don't lose any either. A dead coat, if not stripped out, will end up getting matted. Stripping the coat out encourages new and health growth which is important for the overall condition of the coat.

You should us a stripping knife, but if you don't feel up to the task, it's best to leave it to the experts and book your dog in at a grooming parlour so their coats are professionally stripped. You may want to stay and watch how it's done so you can do it yourself, but if time is always an issue it's best to leave it up to a dog groomer rather than not do it at all.

Keeping Things Tidy Around the Face & Feet

Welsh Terriers have lovely faces with their gorgeous moustaches adding to their striking looks. However, if you don't keep them nicely trimmed, moustaches can get a bit smelly because food tends to get stuck in them. You can use a pair of scissors to trim your pet's moustache and preferably use ones that boast rounded tips which are a lot safer to use around dogs or any animal!

You can also use the scissors to trim any hair found between your dog's paw pads which helps prevent this from matting or balling up with ice or mud. When this happens it can make walking quite painful for your dog.

Bathing Your Welsh Terrier

As previously mentioned, you rarely need to bath these lovely dogs unless of course they have found something really smelly and nasty to roll in when out on a walk. The reason they don't need bathing that often is because their double waterproof coats repel dirt and moisture extremely effectively.

If you do have to bath your dog because they have a really greasy or smelly coat, you have to use a dog specific shampoo which has the correct PH balance or you could end up giving your dog a nasty skin allergy. You also have to make sure their coats are well dried off using towels first and then a blow dryer or you may find your dog catches a chill.


Keeping a Welsh Terrier's coat looking good does take a bit of time, but if you set up a regular grooming routine, each session should take less time and effort because their coat is in such good condition. Regular grooming also means you get to bond really well with your dog and they will look forward to the one-to-one attention you give them. However, if you are not comfortable at stripping their coat, it's best to leave it up to the experts and take your pet along to a grooming parlour to have it done. Welsh Terriers are gorgeous looking dogs and when their coats are well cared for, it enhances their looks even more!

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