How to Keep Pet Birds Safe Around the Home

How to Keep Pet Birds Safe Around the Home

There's a brilliant choice of birds to keep as pets these days, from lovely little budgies to the more exotic larger Amazon and Macaw parrots with lots of other species in-between. Some birds can be taught all sorts of things which includes how to talk whereas others are just beautiful to look at. However, all birds have one thing in common which is they are inquisitive by nature.

Birds are quite delicate creatures and there are many things around a home that are hazardous to their health. They boast speedy metabolisms and pretty sensitive respiratory systems too so it's important to make sure they don't get too near anything or substances that might harm them. Below is a list of some of the things that are dangerous to a pet bird's health and well being.


Birds are super sensitive to drafts which is why it's important their cages or perches be placed in a warm, draft free area of your home.

Direct Sunlight

Although birds do need natural sunlight to keep them happy and healthy, it's essential they be kept out of direct sunlight which could prove very harmful to them. As such cages and perches need to be set up in a nice bright room, but out of any direct sunlight.

Cigarette Smoke

All species of birds have delicate respiratory systems which means they are ultra sensitive to cigarette smoke. In short, it's not a good idea to smoke anywhere around your bird no matter what species they happen to be.

Any Sort of Aerosol

The other thing you should avoid doing is spraying any sort of aerosol around your birds which includes air fresheners, perfumes and other strong smelling products that are commonly found around the home.


You should never place a bird cage near any sort of heater whether it's an oil fired radiator or other form of heat source. Exotic birds need to be kept in a warm environment, but you have to be careful they don't overheat.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans tend to make all species of birds rather nervous which is why you should never have a cage anywhere near one or let your birds out in a room where a fan is fitted whether it's a ceiling fan or free standing design.

Water Bowls & Other Water Sources

If you have other pets in the home and water bowls on the floor, these can be quite dangerous to smaller birds. The other thing to bear in mind is that birds can fall into a toilet and drown which is why it's important to keep the seat down when your pet is allowed to fly around or make sure the bathroom door is shut when they do.

Buckets of water should never be left lying around either because these too present a danger to birds and puts them at risk of drowning should they fall into them.

House Plants

There are certain house plants which are highly toxic to birds so it's important to check your pet does not have access to any. The best solution is not to have any plants around the home if you are sharing it with a pet bird unless you know they are safe!

People Foods

As previously mentioned birds tend to be quite inquisitive by nature and this means if they get the opportunity they will steal or have a nibble at certain human foods which are not good for them. It's really important to make sure your pet cannot get at any food that may be lying around which could prove toxic to them.

Electric Wires and Cords

Some birds have very powerful beaks and are more than capable of biting through electric wires which could end up electrocuting them or giving them a very severe shock and burn.


Candles when lit can present a real danger to birds because they tend to get drawn to them. Any sort of open flame is very hazardous to birds, but the other thing to bear in mind is that many candles are strongly scented which is not good for a bird's respiratory system either.

Poor Quality Toys

When you invest in any toys for a pet bird, it's important to buy good quality ones because birds can be a little hard on them. A bird's beak is incredibly strong and larger birds are very capable of biting through very tough material. A Macaw can open a Brazil nut with no trouble at all. If the toys are not well made your pet might be able to break parts off them which they would then swallow causing all sorts of health issues.

You should also avoid buying any tops with strings or longish ropes incorporated in their design because birds can get their legs and bodies tangled in them. In a worst case scenario, a bird might even strangle themselves.


The ink on newspapers is highly toxic to birds (and other animals) so it's important they don't come into contact with it. Newspaper should never be used or placed in the bottom of a bird cage because birds do like to tear things up which could end up with them being poisoned.


You should avoid letting a pet bird fly around rooms with mirrors in them because they could accidentally fly into one and injure themselves quite badly.


Keeping pet birds safe around the home whether in their cages or flying around a room, takes a bit of careful planning. Birds are quite delicate creatures with sensitive respiratory systems. There are lots of things that are commonly found around the home which are quite harmful to our feathered friends which is why it's important to know about them so your keep your pet bird happy, healthy and safe at all times.



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