How to keep your French bulldog happy

How to keep your French bulldog happy

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The French bulldog is the UK’s most popular dog breed, and one that sees thousands of new puppies of the breed born each year to keep up with demand from prospective owners.

There are a huge number of positive traits to the breed that helps to ensure they’re in such high demand, and part of this naturally comes down to the breed’s unique and quirky looks! However, the Frenchie personality is just as distinctive and individual as their looks, and all French bulldog owners will tell you that there really is no comparison to be made when it comes to any other breed in terms of how personable and unique every Frenchie truly is.

This means that if you want to make sure you keep your French bulldog happy or are planning to buy a French bulldog and wish to ensure that you do everything you can to give them a happy and rewarding life, you need to do much more than just tick the simple boxes of food, walks and veterinary care.

You also need to understand what makes the breed unique, what makes them tick, and what type of care contributes to keeping Frenchies happy and provides the right sort of match for the French bulldog personality.

With this in mind, this article will cover the different facets you need to know about to keep a French bulldog happy, as well as of course ticking all of the obvious boxes to take care of their physical needs and safety. Read on to learn more.

Sufficient and well-planned exercise

All dogs need daily walks, but this needs to be well tailored to the needs of individual dogs and can be quite variable from breed to breed. French bulldogs aren’t one of the most challenging breeds to exercise, but they do need at least two half-hour walks a day that should be fairly lively as well as varied and interesting for the dog.

That said, walking a French bulldog needs to be undertaken with care, as their flat faces mean that they tend to be intolerant of too much heat, can overheat quickly and easily, and may struggle for breath even on cooler days.

Ergo the Frenchie needs sufficient exercise, but this must also be tailored to ensure they are comfortable and safe when walking too.

An understanding of brachycephalic health and comfort

On which note, those flat Frenchie faces are correctly referred to as brachycephalic, and can vary in terms of how acute they are quite significantly from dog to dog. However, all brachycephalic dogs and especially French bulldogs, which often have very acutely flat faces, need a proper understanding of the implications of this trait, and how it impacts upon their health, comfort and care.

Only by understanding brachycephalic health will you be able to care for your Frenchie properly and so, keep them happy.

Toys and things to play with

Like all dogs, French bulldogs need a variety of toys and things to play with, to keep them happy and occupied. This should include interactive toys for playing together, plus some other toys that your dog can have to keep them occupied and entertained when you have to leave them alone.

Things to chew

Frenchies also need things to chew, and these should be chosen with care to ensure they’re safe ad suitable for your dog and their own individual dentition.

Rules and routine

Rules and routine are important for all dogs, as without them your Frenchie won’t know what is expected from them or what is allowed. This means that setting rules and following a regular routine is important, and a French bulldog needs consistency in this respect to be happy and to thrive.

Lots of company

Frenchies are personable dogs and so not a good breed to pick if you want to leave your dog alone for more than a couple of hours at a time, as they will be apt to get anxious and upset.

Ideally a French bulldog owner will spend most of the day with their dog (or within a family situation of course, will have someone at home for most of the day) but it is also important to condition the dog to tolerate spending a couple of hours at a time alone too, so that they remain happy when you do have to go out.

An owner that interacts with them consistently

Frenchies need consistency in terms of their routine and lifestyle, and they also need consistency in terms of their owner. It is absolutely fine to have a Frenchie as a family dog and have lots of people loving and contributing to their care, but the main owner and primary caregiver and rule-maker should be around for the main part of the time, and a consistent part of the dog’s life.

This is not a breed to pick if you are expecting a major lifestyle change to occur in the near future, such as getting your own home, or if you like to go away on holiday a lot without your dog.

Chances to meet and play with other dogs

French bulldogs need time to meet and play with other dogs every day, and this play should be properly supervised and with appropriately sized and well-mannered companions.

It is not wise to interfere in play between dogs to a high degree as they need to socialise and form their own bonds and groups, but play should always be supervised to ensure that your Frenchie is safe and not starting to overheat.

A well socialised Frenchie is a happy Frenchie!

Love and kindness

French bulldogs are very engaging and loving little dogs, and they need kind treatment, love, and lots of empathy. They very much enjoy being around people and gain comfort and reassurance from it, and dogs of the breed need plenty of good quality time spent with their families, and one to one time and attention from their owners.

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