How to Make Sure a Sphinx Cat’s Skin Stays Healthy

How to Make Sure a Sphinx Cat’s Skin Stays Healthy

Grooming & Hygiene

Sphynx cats are extraordinary creatures and although they don't have any fur, they do have a very thin layer of short, fine hair known as vellus hair that covers their bodies. The problem the breed faces is that because they don't have a thick lush coat to absorb all the oils in their bodies, these tend to build up on the surface of their skin and more especially in specific areas. These oils then attract dust and dirt which very quickly accumulates around their ears, nail beds and elsewhere on their bodies which is why they need to be regularly bathed.

Regular Bathing is a Must

Depending on lifestyle, a Sphynx cat would need regular baths to remove any dirt, dust and grease that builds up on their skin. Unlike many other breeds, the Sphynx doesn't usually object to be bathed and if fact, a few of them really enjoy the experience which makes the process that much easier all round. As a rule of thumb, a Sphynx cat would need bathing at least every 7 days or so, but you should never leave it longer than a month. However, every cat is different and so is their skin and environment which means you would need to see how things develop and then adjust your routine accordingly.

Although many people think that Sphynx cats are easy maintenance, this is not true at all because they need more in the way of care than a normal cat that's boasts a thick coat and the art of successfully bathing them so their skin remains healthy, is to do this without stripping out the much needed natural oils from it.

Over Bathing is Bad

However, too many baths could prove bad for your pet because this will end up over-stimulating their skin whilst at the same time stripping out all the natural oils which in turn will encourage the skin to produce more oil. The end result is their skin will have a grubby appearance.

Using Specialist Products is a Must

These days there are some very good products on the market which have been specifically formulated for use on Sphynx cats. This includes the following:

  • Soaps
  • Shampoos
  • Oils – coconut being a very good one

However, you can use non-soap based shampoo on your pet as well as any coconut based cleansers which are useful to use in between bath times. This not only helps keep your pet's skin clean but it also helps moisturise it and loosen dirt that may have built up.

Quick Tips on How to Bath Your Pet

  • Massage coconut oil into your pet's skin as this will help loosen the dirt whilst moisturising their skin too
  • Fill the sink (or bath) with around 2 inches of hottish water – as hot as you can stand – you have to remember that Sphynx cats like the water warmer than humans do.
  • You should always hold your cat with one hand so they are supported when you are bathing them. This also helps to keep more nervous characters that much calmer
  • Using an anti-fungal shampoo and sponge, gently scrub your pet's body paying particular attention between their toes, ears and backsides making sure you don't get any soap or water in their ears and eyes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Towel dry your pet carefully and make sure they are kept in a nice warm environment afterwards

Tips on how to spot clean your pet

  • It's essential to spot clean"" a Sphynx cat when needed because there are areas on their bodies where oils accumulate more than on other parts of it. This is typically around their noses, in between their toenails and on the inside of their ears. This is best done using hypo-allergenic and fragrance free baby wipes and would typically need to be done at least once a week
  • When it comes to cleaning out your pet's ears, you need to use a product prescribed by your vet. You can use either cotton balls or baby wipes to wipe your pet's ears clean remembering never to go deep inside them as this could hurt your pet. Removing ear wax is important because it reduces the chances of an infection taking hold – however you should only wipe the areas you can see
  • Toenails need to be gently spread and cleaned in between each of them using a warm cloth or baby wipe. It's important to remove any dirt that may have built up in claw sheaths too. This is also the ideal time to clip the tips of your pet's claws too being careful only to trim the tips and not further down. It's important to do this because otherwise their claws tend to curl under and if this happens, their claws puncture their soft paw pads which could end up causing a nasty infection


Sphynx cats need a lot of taking care of because they don't have the luxury of being covered in a thick coat. This means they feel the cold and they are more susceptible to sunburn too. Making sure your pet's skin is in good condition helps keep infections at bay. However, you need to be patient and extremely gentle when it comes to bath time because cats being cats, they can be a little moody at times. This means you may have to wait for your pet to be in a good mood before bathing them, unless of course, you own a pussy cat that just loves being in water!




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