How to meet other people who own the same breed of dog as you

How to meet other people who own the same breed of dog as you

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Even when two people ostensibly have nothing else in common, dog ownership is the great leveller-people from all walks of life love our canine companions, and simply owning a dog and walking it regularly will almost certain mean that you meet a lot of other dog owners when out and about!

Dog owners can and often will talk for hours about their dogs with other enthusiasts, and for many people, meeting someone with the same breed of dog as your own can be even better, as you can compare notes, discuss the breed’s traits and personality, and in some cases, share advice and experience.

But unless your dog is a very common breed like the Labrador retriever or you just happen to have crossed paths with another person who lives nearby with a dog of the same breed as yours, meeting or finding people who also own the same breed of dog as you can be rather hit or miss.

If you are keen to meet or get in contact with other people with the same breed of dog as you-either in real life, or simply to exchange chat on the internet-there are several proactive ways you can go about making new connections.

In this article, we will cover some of the best ways to meet other people who own a dog of the same breed as yours, and that share your love of the breed and other common interests. Read on to learn more.

Join a breed club

One of the best and easiest ways to get in touch with likeminded dog owners is to join a breed club or organisation. Some of these are formal bodies that are recognised by The Kennel Club and that may organise breed shows or other events endorsed by The Kennel Club, but others are simply groups of enthusiasts and fans of the breed that want to discuss their traits or welfare.

Even if your dog is a registered pedigree, this does not automatically mean that a breed club will know about you and your dog-you will usually have to join the breed club separately, and then you will gain access to their wider network, both online and in real life.

Look for breed shows and classes

Dog shows are always a great place to meet lots of other dogs and their owners, but some of the most popular dog breeds sometimes have whole shows dedicated to classes just for that breed, allowing tens or even hundreds of dog owners to show their dog’s stuff and meet and chat.

Larger dog shows also generally have classes and groups for each of the main popular breeds, and simply going along to watch and chat can help you to make connections.

Find online groups and forums

Dog owners make just as much use of social media as anyone else, and in some cases more if everyone else that you know in real life is fed up of hearing about your dog and you need to find friends that are happy to talk dogs all day! Check out sites like Facebook for breed-specific groups and pages, or online forums for dog lovers such as, many of which will have breed-specific sections.

Look for local meetups

In many areas of the UK, dog owners regularly arrange meet-ups and group walks and events for their dogs, particularly for specific breeds such as the Siberian husky, which has a unique but often hard to meet need for lots of exercise and socialisation. Again, check social media, breeds societies and other platforms that people can use to advertise their events, and find out in advance what you need to do to attend with your own dog!

Try a breed-related discipline or sport

One great thing about canine sports of all types is that any dog with the skills and talent can get involved, and dogs do not have to be pedigrees to compete. However, certain breeds and types of dogs have a natural aptitude for certain types of sports, and you will usually see that the average event will have more than the average number of certain breeds of dog competing in them than others. Agility, flyball and herding dog trials are all good places to look, so if you have a sporty dog, look at canine sports competitions and training sessions to find more!

Get involved with a rescue or welfare organisation

Most dog breeds will have their own welfare organisation or rehoming operation, either run as a sub-section of the breed club or simply run by independent enthusiasts. Find out if there is one for your own breed of dog and get in touch to find out more, and perhaps see how you can help out while making new friends for you and your dog along the way.



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