How to Sponsor a Cat

How to Sponsor a Cat

When cats are taken in by rescue centres that never put a healthy animal to sleep, it goes without saying there is a cost for keeping them safe until they are found new owners. As such, these charitable organisations and the work they do, rely on cat lovers around the country for donations which cover the costs of heating the pens cats live in, to pay for warm blankets, lots of toys and other cat accessories that make life easier and more comfortable for them during their stay in a shelter.

There are many brilliant animal charities around the country that rescue cats, dogs and other animals in distress, but they also re-home many pets for other reasons whether it's because an owner has died or just simply cannot afford to keep them anymore. A lot of cats find new and loving owners through rescue shelters, however, many cannot be re-homed straight away for various reasons and some cannot go to new owners at all which is where sponsoring a cat really does help charities and rescue centres cover the costs of keeping them safe and out of harm's way.

The reason why cat shelters and other organisations need donations and sponsors is so they can build special pens for rescued cats to live in which would be somewhere they feel safe, secure and warm. A lot of people volunteer their services to these organisations, but full-time staff still need to be paid and builders need to be employed to build these special pens. Then of course, there's the heating and lighting to think of which when all added up comes to a lot of money because most charities rescue thousands of cats each and every year.

The Veterinary Cost of Rescuing a Cat

Every cat that's rescued by a charity has to be given a full health check by a qualified vet to make sure they are not carrying any nasty diseases that need immediate treatment. This includes having blood tests, vaccinations, the cats have to be microchipped, neutered or spayed if necessary and all this adds up to a signifcant amount of money. Most charities rely totally on donations, so my sponsoring a cat which only involves a very small amount of money every month, you are helping the organisations cover this part of the overall cost involved for every cat they rescue and offer a second chance to.

The Cost of Caring for the Cats

It's not just the veterinary care and treatment the money goes towards because it also helps ensure that volunteers and staff get to spend time with cats offering lots of love and affection. The money also goes towards providing the right sort of nourishing food cats need on a daily basis making sure their dietary needs are met even when these are more complicated than usual.

What You Get Back When You Sponsor a Cat

When you sponsor a cat the first thing you are sent is a welcome pack that contains the photo of the cat you've chosen to sponsor and the great thing about being a sponsor is that you get to follow what happens to them until they are re-homed. If a cat cannot be re-homed for any reason, you would receive news of how they are getting on and lots of photos of them in their own pens. It ensures they stay safe and healthy in a loving environment where they are shown lots of affection for the rest of their lives.

Think About Offering a Sponsorship Gift to Someone for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, it's that time of the year when people are struggling to find special gifts for family members and close friends. If any of the people you know are cat lovers, sponsoring a cat is a lovely present and one that really does help a lot of rescued animals out when they need it most. It's a great gift for both adults and children who can then follow the progress of their chosen cat. They will be sent regular updates and news of how things are going which gives cats a second chance at happiness.


There are lots of animal charities doing so much good work rescuing cats and kittens that need a second chance in life. Cats need to be re-homed for all sorts of reasons, whether they have been abandoned or because their original owners just cannot afford to keep them anymore. In short, cats don't just end up in animal shelters because they have been abused or mistreated and very often it is a real wrench for original owners to have to give their pets up. By sponsoring a cat you become part of a very good cause and it's one that ensures our feline friends stay safe and have the best chance of finding new and loving homes.

Here are a few links to charities which offer the sponsoring of their cats :

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