Introducing the Goberian hybrid dog type

Introducing the Goberian hybrid dog type

What do you get if you cross a Siberian husky with a Golden retriever? If you’re a proponent of one of the latest up-and-coming hybrid dog types, the answer is a Goberian-the title given to the latest in a long line of deliberate breeding efforts to create a new hybrid dog type.

Whilst still a relatively recent addition to the annuls of popular crossings, the Goberian is certainly looking to be one to watch when it comes to hybrid dog types that combine the best traits of two unconnected breeds whilst also tempering some of the potentially more challenging sides of the mix.

If you think the Goberian dog sounds intriguing, wonder if this crossing might be the perfect answer to your requirements or are just wondering what the crossing of two such distinctly different breeds might look like, read on to find out more about the Goberian hybrid dog type.

What is a Goberian?

The term “Goberian” is a portmanteau of “Golden” and “Siberian,” in keeping with the common modern practice of naming a hybrid or deliberately crossed dog after the two parent breeds. However at heart, the Goberian is a mongrel or cross breed, and it is not recognised by any formal authority as a breed in its own right.

There is no breed standard, governing body for the breed nor formal Kennel Club recognition for the Goberian dog, which means that efforts to promote and increase interest in the type is currently patchy.

However, if the Goberian follows a similar path to that of today’s most popular hybrids such as the Cockapoo and Labradoodle in terms of a wide following and meaningful attempts at standardisation, there is nothing to say that the Goberian dog and other hybrids might not gain formal breed status at some point in the future!

What do they look like?

Both the Golden Retriever and the Siberian husky are classed as large breed dogs, but aside from that they have very little in common in terms of appearance. The husky is a spitz-type dog, as evinced by the pointed ears, curled tail and thick, heavy shedding coat, while the Golden retriever has a more rounded, flowing shape, as is typical of retrieving dog breeds.

Due to the fact that hybrid crossings are something of a lottery, every Goberian dog will look different-they may have pointed or drooping ears, long or medium fur, a curled or long, flowing tail etc.. However, they will almost certainly be on the large side and medium in build, with a coat that is coloured and patterned in both the husky and retriever shades.

In some Goberian dogs, distinct indicators of each of the two breeds are obvious-such as in dogs that have a Golden retriever shaped head on a husky body. However, other dogs of the type are apt to be more uniform and hard to determine!

Desirable traits

Whilst the Siberian husky and the Golden retriever may not look that similar, they do have several other things in common-including the need for a lot of exercise, an outgoing, bold and friendly personality, and a high level of intelligence including great problem-solving skills!

Crossing the two breeds is apt to lead to a highly intelligent and very energetic dog, whose need for exercise is likely to be a little lower than that of the average pedigree husky-although still in the top range, requiring several hours of exercise and activity every day.

They are also likely to be highly social with other dogs, friendly with strangers, and if you can catch and retain their attention and get them interested, good at many different things, including canine sports. Finally, like all cross breeds, the Goberian dog benefits from hybrid vigour and so, is less likely to suffer from hereditary health problems than their parents-although the potential buyer should still learn about some of the breed-specific risks that the respective parent breeds can face, because they can of course also be inherited by a mixed breed puppy.

Potentially undesirable traits

Responsible breeders of hybrid dog type aim to promote and improve the crossing in question over time, and breed for health, wellness and the best interests of the dogs. However, if both parent dog breeds share or have very similar traits, a hybrid crossing of the two will do nothing to eradicate it!

In the Goberian dog, the two potential problems for the unwary owner who has not done enough research are likely to be not accounting for the dog’s extremely high energy levels and need for exercise, and heavy coat shedding.

Both the Siberian husky and the Golden retriever are heavy shedders, generally losing a reasonable amount of fur year-round and then blowing the coat entirely once or twice a year, and the Goberian is highly likely to share this trait too.

Additionally, Golden retrievers are perhaps the most food-motivated of all dog breeds (with the potential exception of the Labrador retriever!) and the Siberian husky has a high prey drive, giving the potential for a dog that will chase and hunt small wild animals and potentially, be successful and apt to eat them too.

Ultimately, every single dog in the world is different-and whilst you can learn a lot from breed or crossing traits, even two dogs from the same litter may be like chalk and cheese.

Do plenty of research, find a responsible breeder who is knowledgeable about the Goberian traits and that breeds for health and improvement, and take your time over making a decision when deciding whether or not to buy.



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