Is a Burmilla the right cat for you?

Is a Burmilla the right cat for you?

The Burmilla is a hybrid cat breed that was first bred in 1981 in the UK. The original founders of the Burmilla breed line consisted of crossing the Burmese cat with the Chinchilla Persian, and by the early 1990’s, the Burmilla was recognised by the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) as a championship breed in its own right.

The very first kittens that later went on to be known as the founders of the Burmilla breed were actually produced accidentally, when a brown tortie Burmese cat mated with a Chinchilla Persian! The resulting litter was so adorable that they ultimately led to the formation of the breed by means of further deliberate crossings of the two breeds, to produce today’s Burmilla.

The Burmilla cat is classed as a cat of the Asian breed type, and can widely be seen competing in formal cat shows as well as being a popular domestic pet within the UK.

If you have fallen for the charms of the Burmilla and are wondering if the breed is the right choice of pet for you, in this article we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the Burmilla breed. Read on to learn more!

What does the Burmilla look like?

The Burmilla coat can be either short or longhaired, and it is possible to see cats of both types within the same breed lines. The longhaired variant is referred to as the Tiffanie cat. The shorthaired Burmilla has a plush undercoat, and the fur should be very silky and soft to the touch.

The coat of the Burmilla can be found in a wide variety of colours, including all of those present within Burmese cats as well as other variants that are unique to the Burmilla breed.

Burmilla coat colours are said to be expressed as either Burmese expression or Full expression, and with a wide variety of colours including tipped hairs and darkening or cooling of the coat due to the addition of silver hairs that gives the Burmilla their regal appearance.

Burmillas are medium sized with elegant but well-muscled bodies, and can weigh between three and six kg when fully grown.

What are their temperaments like?

The Burmilla is a fun loving, playful and lively cat that retains many kitten-like personality characteristics throughout their lives. They are inquisitive, lively and love playing with toys, and mock-hunting too. They are one of the most entertaining breeds to interact with, and are always ready for a game!

They are independent and like to do what they want to do without restriction, but they are also extremely affectionate with their owners, and bond strongly with the people that they are close to. They also tend to be sociable and not shy with visitors and strangers, one facet of their personality that has helped greatly to promote the Burmilla breed as an appealing pet!

Do they require a lot of care?

The Burmilla is relatively independent and will make their own entertainment when needed, but they do not like to be left out of things and crave companionship. They need plenty of toys to play with and things to do, as well as furniture such as a scratching post to keep them from investigating the legs of the sofa and the curtains!

The coat of the Burmilla is not particularly challenging or high maintenance to care for, but due to their thick, plush undercoat, they do benefit from brushing and grooming once or twice per week to keep their coats in good condition.

Are they a good pick for families?

Because the Burmilla is bold, inquisitive and playful, they are one of the better choices for families with children, and often enjoy playing and cuddling up with kids. It is of course important that children are taught how to behave around the cat and when to leave them alone, but generally, the Burmilla fits into active family life without any problems.

They also get on well with other household cats, and often enjoy having a companion to cuddle up with and play with. Well-trained dogs that are used to cats are also perfectly fine companions for the Burmilla cat.

Are they easy to buy?

The Burmilla breed is not as prolifically bred as the most popular pedigrees in the UK such as the Siamese and the Persian, but they have become fairly well established within the UK within their relatively short history as a recognised breed. Generally Burmilla breeders can be found in most areas of the UK, although if you have your heart set on a show-standard Burmilla, you may have to join a waiting list for the right kitten.

However, if you are simply looking for a cute, affectionate and loving pedigree Burmilla that will make for the right pet for you, you should be able to find an available litter within a few months.

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