Is a Jug the right choice of dog for you?

Is a Jug the right choice of dog for you?

Hybrid or deliberate cross breed dogs have become very popular in the UK over the last couple of decades, to the point that many of the best-known hybrid dog types far outstrip many pedigree breeds in terms of their popularity among owners and puppy buyers.

One of these dog types is the Jug – a dog produced from the crossing of a Jack Russell with a pug, or subsequent generations of crossing from the same origins. Whilst both the Jack Russell and the pug are small dog breeds, they don’t have a lot in common other than their small size – they are vastly different in terms of both temperament and appearance, which is what makes the Jug one of the most interesting and distinctive hybrid crossings of them all.

If you are wondering what a Jug looks like, what their temperament and core traits are, or if they’re a good choice of pet, wonder no more. In this article, we will look at the Jug dog in more detail, to help you to make a decision as to whether or not this is the right type of dog for you. Read on to learn more.

What is a Jug dog?

A Jug is a dog produced by crossing a pug and a Jack Russell, and Jugs may have one parent from each breed, or have been produced from later crossings of two Jugs with each other, or a Jug back to one of the two parent breeds.

This is what we call a hybrid or deliberate cross breed, and a crossing of this type is undertaken in order to try to produce a dog that exhibits a range of combined traits that come from both of the two parent breeds. Deliberate, selective breeding of dogs of two unrelated pedigree breeds can also help to breed out health issues and undesirable traits from one or both breeds, and enhance other traits that are considered to be desirable or popular.

Are Jugs pedigree dogs?

A Jug dog is a cross breed, which means that they’re not a pedigree and so, not eligible for Kennel Club registration or breed shows. However, the two parent breeds of any Jug might be registered pedigrees of their respective breeds themselves.

Hybrid dog types are very popular today, and their numbers are continually increasing – and when a population of dogs of the same type becomes stable and self-sustaining without outcrossing or back crossing, in some cases this can serve as the first step towards gaining pedigree recognition in the future for a new breed in its own right.

How much do Jugs cost?

The cost of Jugs from dog to dog can be quite variable, but as a broad average, Jug puppies change hands for around £435 each.

What do Jug dogs look like?

Both the pug and the Jack Russell are small dog breeds, and so Jugs average around 5-7kg in weight and stand between 25-36cm tall at the withers.

As Jack Russells and pugs are vastly different in terms of appearance in more or less every way – from colours and coat textures to face shape, conformation and tail type – individual Jugs can be quite variable too. Some will look more like a Jack Russell than a pug or vice versa, and some will fall squarely in the middle.

As a broad average to the middle ground between the two breeds that results in a Jug with roughly even traits of both parent breeds, Jugs tend to be small framed and slightly leaner than the average pug, although more rounded than the average Jack Russell. They will tend to have a slightly domed and flattened face thanks to their pug ancestry, but this is balanced by the Jack Russell conformation and not as pronounced as that of the pug itself.

Jugs may have a curled tail like the pug, but it is more usual for the dog to have a slightly kinked or curved tail than a full curl. Their legs are usually relatively short and stocky, and their bodies compact and not overly long.

Jugs can be found in a wide range of different colours, which may be all one shade or patched or pointed. Because Jack Russells can have smooth, rough or broken coats, so too can the Jug’s coat be quite variable in texture and length.

What sort of temperament do Jug dogs have?

The Jack Russell/pug mix is quite an interesting one, as the two breeds have markedly different core traits and temperaments. Jack Russells tend to be tenacious, stubborn, very lively and quite one track minded, while pugs are more laid back, comical and less obsessive about exercising!

However, owning a Jug is likely to keep you on your toes, and dogs of this type are often quite mischievous, very alert, and always looking for things to do and play with! They can potentially be quite feisty, and will enjoy play and socialisation with other dogs, tending to be fearless and not daunted by rough and tumble play with larger dogs.

They can also be quite boisterous and may be quite rough when playing, and so they are not always a good choice for families with young children. Proper training and management is vital for Jugs, as is lots of socialisation with other dogs and people from the time that the puppy is young, to ensure that they learn the rules and are able to play safely and happily with others.



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