Is a Pomchi the right dog for you?

Is a Pomchi the right dog for you?

Breed Facts

The Pomchi is an attractive looking small dog type that is produced by crossing a Pomeranian dog with a Chihuahua, to produce a deliberate hybrid dog with traits inherited from both of their two parent breeds.

Because both of the dog breeds used within the crossing are small – the smallest in the world, in the case of the Chihuahua – Pomchis too are very petite, which makes them versatile enough to appeal to all sorts of different owners and fit well into many different types of homes.

If you are looking for a very small dog breed but can’t choose a favourite breed, or if you’re having trouble choosing between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian, you might want to consider finding out more about the Pomchi.

In this article we will explore the Pomchi dog type in more detail, examine their temperaments and core traits, and share some information on what it is like to own and care for a dog of this type. Read on to learn more.

Is a Pomchi a pedigree dog?

A Pomchi is a deliberate cross breed or hybrid dog type, which means that they are not classed as pedigrees. Non-pedigree dogs like the Pomchi cannot be registered with The Kennel Club, and there is no formal breed standard in place to dictate what dogs of this type will look like, nor to indicate what sort of temperament they will have.

A Pomchi may have a pedigree parent – or both parents – from their respective parent breed lines, but this still does not make the Pomchi a pedigree in and of itself.

How much do Pomchis cost to buy and care for?

The average advertised price of Pomchi puppies for saleon Pets4Homes is around the £439 mark, although there can be quite a lot of variance in the prices of individual pups.

However, this sort of price point is lower than virtually all pedigree dog breeds and most other popular hybrid crossings too, which makes the Pomchi comparatively inexpensive to buy. Pomchis are not hugely common, and have not reached the same level of popularity as many other hybrid dog types, and so you may have to wait a while to find a litter offered for sale for you to choose from.

In terms of the cost of caring for a Pomchi, they also come in towards the low end of the spectrum, being a small breed that is quite economical compared to larger breed’s care costs.

What are the core traits of the Pomchi dog type?

Pomchis are very small – averaging between 15-23cm tall at the withers and weighing between about 1.5-4.5kg. The Chihuahua side of the dog’s ancestry ensures that they will always be small, but whilst the Pomeranian is itself a small breed, it is slightly larger and so, means that Pomchis will almost always be a little larger than the average Chihuahua.

Pomchis are finely boned and quite delicate-looking little dogs, often with a slightly domed or high forehead depending on the type of Chihuahua used in the mix. Many dogs of this type will also have a plumed, curled tail, which is often carried proud over the dog’s back.

In terms of the Pomchi coat, this can be quite variable due to the differences between the Chihuahua and Pomeranian coats, but will often be profuse, dense and very fluffy, standing slightly proud from the dog’s body and incorporating feathering around the tail, legs and ears.

Pomchi coat colours can vary too, including a wide range of different shades that may result in the dog being all one colour, or a mix of two.

The Pomchi temperament tends to be alert, interested and engaged, and they can be quite watchful. They are often prone to being quite excitable, and are quite playful and fun-loving, enjoying games and entertainment.

Their need for exercise is moderate – they are not the most sedentary of breeds, but neither will they be a struggle to keep up with. A couple of brisk, varied half hour walks per day is usually a good fit for a Pomchi.

Pomchis are very affectionate little dogs that bond strongly with their owners, and they have a lot of lapdog traits, enjoying cuddling up on the sofa and being the centre of attention.

They also tend to enjoy play and socialisation with other dogs, but they may be a touch too small to really go for it in the dog park as part of a large pack of much bigger dogs.

What sort of owners are a good match for a Pomchi?

The Pomchi’s small size makes them a viable choice of dog for consideration by virtually all owners, even those with smaller homes. They tend to get on well with older children but may not thrive within families with young children, as they like to be the centre of attention and don’t handle a lot of noise and rowdy behaviour well.

If you have never owned a dog before and are keen to make a sensible choice that won’t be hugely challenging or complex to care for and manage, the Pomchi is certainly worthy of consideration. They share lots of toy dog traits whilst still having a sprightly, engaging outlook that simply makes them good company, and fun to have around.



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