Is a Siamese cat the right pet for you?

Is a Siamese cat the right pet for you?

The exotic, inquisitive, friendly and talkative Siamese cat really is a cat like no other, and many lifelong owners of other breeds or moggies can find that spending time with a Siamese cat is quite the culture shock! It would be hard to overstate quite how unique Siamese cats are from other cats in terms of their personality and outlook on life, and while ownership of a Siamese cat certainly doesn’t suit everyone, for some people, only a Siamese will do!

If you love the look, allure and exotic nature of the Siamese cat but are unsure if the benefits and challenges of Siamese cat ownership would suit you, read on for the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Siamese cats.

Are Siamese cats highly strung?

The temperament of each Siamese cat will vary from case to case; some are as relaxed and laid back as the coolest of moggies, while others appear to be constantly on the verge of all-out neuroticism!

Siamese cats can fairly be considered to be more “emotional” or sensitive than most other cats, and they do like to have everything just so, arranged to their liking, and done in the way that suits them! Provided that your Siamese cat has a stable living environment and you take care of all of their physical and emotional needs, you should find that your Siamese cat, while possibly more complex and demonstrative than most other breeds, is generally cool and happy.

Do Siamese cats have to be kept indoors only?

Some people that own high value pedigree pets choose to keep them as indoor-only pets out of concern for their welfare, but there is no reason why the Siamese cat cannot go outside like any other cat. The Siamese is perfectly streetwise, adaptive and intelligent enough to cope with the outside world, and many Siamese cats are also competent hunters!

Do Siamese cats require almost constant supervision?

While many cats are perfectly happy being left alone for the larger part of their day, the Siamese cat will not thrive without a considerable amount of attention and interaction with their people. They certainly do not need constant supervision and can be left alone when you are working, but if you are out of the house for more than eight or so hours a day and your Siamese cat doesn’t have anything to do or entertain themselves with, they will soon become lonely and unhappy.

Are Siamese cats really that noisy?

Siamese cats have a very unique and distinctive meow, which is much louder and piercing than the average cat’s. They also have a very wide range of sounds and will often “talk” to their people, using their voices to make their feelings known! Siamese cats certainly vocalise more than other cats, and if your cat wants something or is unhappy, they can certainly be very noisy! However, the Siamese cat does not spend all of their time cussing in cat language, and their voices are not unpleasant.

Do Siamese cats get on with children?

Siamese cats are very loyal and loving, and bond strongly with their families. If your family includes well behaved children who love cats and know how to treat them, your Siamese cat will probably very much enjoy the company and attention of your children. Siamese cats do like being the centre of attention, however, and if you have children it is important to consider whether you have enough time and energy to spend making sure that both cat and child are happy and receiving enough attention.

Can Siamese cats be kept with other pets?

Siamese cats may potentially become jealous if they perceive that another pet is getting more attention than them, but generally, Siamese cats are perfectly suitable for keeping with other pets. Siamese cats do like to have a friend, and will often bond strongly with another cat in the home, particularly if they are also Siamese and introduced when young. The Siamese cat will also normally live quite happily with well behaved dogs.

Do Siamese cats have any special care needs?

The Siamese’s unique differences to most other cats are almost entirely emotional, and your Siamese cat will need lots of attention, provision for play, consideration and love from their people. They dislike change, upheaval or anything else that changes their world, and can be prone to stress and anxiety if they do not like what is going on.
However, the Siamese cat does not have any physical special care needs or specific health or care issues, they do not require a significant amount of grooming, and they do not have any conformation or physical issues than might mean that they need to be kept or managed differently to other cats.

Make sure that your Siamese cat receives enough attention, is secure and happy in their home and is fed and cared for properly, and your cat will be happy and affectionate and make an excellent companion for life.



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