Is a Sprollie the right choice of dog for you?

Is a Sprollie the right choice of dog for you?

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If you are looking to add a new canine companion to your family and want to choose a lively, energetic dog that needs lots of exercise – perhaps as a keen jogging partner or to spend lots of time letting off steam with your kids – you might want to consider a Sprollie.

A Sprollie is a hybrid dog type produced from the crossing of a springer spaniel and a border collie, and this unique combination of breeds produces a dog that is lively, intelligent, versatile, and very outgoing. Dogs of this type are a good match for virtually all types of active owners, including those that have ambitions to take part in canine sports, or who want to be able to train their dog to perform a wide range of skills or even tricks.

However, their high energy levels mean that a Sprollie isn’t the right choice of dog for everyone – and prospective Sprollie owners should do plenty of research into this dog type to ensure that they know what they are getting into before committing to a purchase.

If you are thinking of buying a Sprollie or are wondering if a Sprollie is the right choice of dog for you, we’ll look at their core traits and personalities in this article. Read on to learn more.

Is a Sprollie a pedigree dog?

A Sprollie is a cross breed or hybrid dog type, which means that they’re not classed as pedigrees. This in turn means that they can’t be registered with The Kennel Club, and that there is no formal breed standard in place for dogs of this type.

Sprollies are often produced from working lines of springer spaniels and border collies rather than show dogs or pets, which means dogs of this type often have a high level of working intelligence, even over and above that of most dogs of the two parent breeds.

Ask about the lineage of any Sprollie you might be considering buying, to find out what sort of roles their ancestors performed and where your future dog’s talents may lie.

How much do Sprollies cost to buy and care for?

The average advertised price of Sprollies in the UK is around £339, which is right at the bottom end of the price spectrum across dog breeds and types of all varieties. This makes Sprollies very affordable to buy!

In terms of the cost of caring for a Sprollie, they’re medium sized dogs so are around the median in terms of how expensive it is to provide everything they need, from food to veterinary care to accessories. Because Sprollies aren’t small and do have high energy levels, they’re not usually a good choice for very small homes, but neither do they need a huge home to be comfortable either. They do, however, need access to a yard or garden, which should be properly fenced in.

What do Sprollies look like?

Crossing any two unrelated dog breeds can result in a lot of variance in the appearance of their puppies, even within the same litter. However, Sprollies all tend to be medium sized, with mid-length fur that isn’t overly long but often a little shaggy, and they have a very fit build that is well proportioned and nicely balanced.

Sprollies have long, healthy-length muzzles with drooping ears, which are often feathered like the springer spaniel.

In terms of coat colours, Sprollies may be black and white or liver and white, and as well as their patches of colour, they may also have spots too, particularly on the face. The Sprollie coat tends to shed year-round, although they are not among the heaviest shedders – but you will still need to invest in a good hoover to keep your home free of dog hair!

The Sprollie temperament

The main point that prospective Sprollie owners need to bear in mind is that dogs of this type have really high energy levels. The springer spaniel itself is a very high-energy breed, but border collies top the list when it comes to their need for exercise and physical activity. They have bags of endurance, tenacious personalities and an almost obsessive drive to run and stay active, and it would be hard to overstate how much exercise a dog of this type needs.

A Sprollie will need at least a couple of hours of lively, interesting walks each day, ideally more, and if their need for exercise is not met they are apt to become bored and destructive in short order. Sprollies aren’t just very physically active either – they are also very intelligent dogs that need just as much mental stimulation as they do physical. They are almost scarily smart dogs that can work things out for themselves and learn by observation, and when they are properly trained, will often pick up a new command within just a couple of repetitions.

Sprollies thrive on having a job to do and something to concentrate on that allows them to work off some of their energy and engage their brains, which is why they are popular farm dogs and working dogs – and why they are usually a good choice for canine sport.

If you wish to keep a Sprollie as a pet, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to keeping them entertained, and providing lots of exercise.

Sprollies are very social and personable dogs that love to play with other dogs as well as people, and they enjoy the company of children that want to play with them, assuming that they are properly socialised with children and that the children show the dog the appropriate respect.

They are kind, loyal and gentle, although they can be very enthusiastic about things and may accidentally knock smaller dogs or children over! They also often have strong herding instincts, which means that you must be very careful round livestock.

Sprollies also have a reasonably high prey drive, and so good control and recall training is essential – but they are smart and willing to learn, and will usually be able to live safely with a cat as long as you approach introductions and supervision carefully.

Because Sprollies are so lively and intelligent, they need an owner who understands their needs and can provide for them adequately. They are not one of the dog types that are widely recommended for first time owners, but a first-time dog owner who is prepared to do their research and learn about the dog’s needs may well find the Sprollie a very rewarding companion.

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