Is the Austrian pinscher a good choice of pet?

Is the Austrian pinscher a good choice of pet?

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The Austrian pinscher is one of the six pinscher dog breeds, which hails from Austria. They are medium to large in size, and are well proportioned, sturdy and strong for their size. They can stand up to 19” tall at the withers, and weigh up to 18kg, with males being larger than females.

Originally kept as farm dogs, the first working roles of the Austrian pinscher were as ratters, in order to keep farms and land free of vermin such as rats and mice. As a working dog breed first and foremost that is still widely used within working roles today, the Austrian pinscher’s appearance can vary a reasonable amount from dog to dog, as it is more important to breed the dog for their working ability rather than for a particular trait of appearance.

The breed can be found it a variety of shades including black and tan, red or yellow, and may have white markings on the chest, face, feet and tail. They have long tails that are carried high, and have a generally alert, lively appearance. They have double-layered coats, which can range from short to medium-long, and which offer them protection against cold weather and rain.

The Austrian pinscher is classed as a suitable working dog and companion for people who reside in either rural or suburban areas, but that does not generally thrive within a heavily built up, urban environment.

If you love dogs of the pinscher type and are wondering if the Austrian pinscher might be a good choice of dog for you, in this article we will look at the core traits of the breed in more detail, including their temperament and care requirements. Read on to learn more.

What are their temperaments like?

The Austrian pinscher was first and foremost bred and developed as a farming dog, to fulfil multiple roles including livestock guarding and ratting. This means that they have tenacious and strong working instincts, and see their homes as their workplaces, and thrive on having a job to do.

They are active, very lively dogs that will not be very happy if they do not have enough to do or do not get enough exercise, and they are tenacious, intelligent dogs that are always thinking, and need plenty of mental stimulation. They are confident, bold and fearless and often make good guard dogs and watch dogs, and while they bond strongly with and remain very loyal to their families, they can also be rather independent.

How much exercise do they need?

The Austrian pinscher is a working dog breed that is used to living and working outside, and will not be happy if not able to exercise and run around for the larger part of the day. Their exercise requirements should be considered to be on a par with some of the most energetic and lively dog breeds such as the Siberian husky and the Border collie, and they will need to spend several hours each day both walking on the lead and running around freely under supervision if housed in a non-working role.

Are they easy to train?

The breed is intelligent, strong willed and prone to boredom and stubbornness, meaning that they need a confident, experienced handler who can keep one step ahead of them when it comes to structuring their training sessions. They do have a tendency to take the alpha role and become unruly if they are not properly trained and handled, and if they feel that they are the one on charge, can become bossy, dominant and possibly bad tempered.

Do they get on well with other dogs?

The Austrian pinscher is one dog breed for which plenty of early socialisation with other dogs is vital, as without this, the dog may find it very hard to adapt to normal play with other dogs once they are adult.

They are bold, confident and have a tendency to be dominant, and will soon overpower other dogs in the dog park if they are not put in their place and taught that this is not acceptable behaviour from an early age.

What kind of homes do they need?

The Austrian pinscher needs a home where they can spend plenty of time outdoors, working, exercising or running freely with supervision. They like an active, varied life, and will fit in well with families that like to hike, run or play outdoors regardless of the weather.

Given clear direction and confident leadership that the dog can respect, the Austrian pinscher is an intelligent, versatile and very hard working dog that tries hard to please, but in the hands of an inexperienced owner or one who is not confident in their ability to control and manage the dog, the Austrian pinscher will not hesitate to take the upper hand!



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