Is the Border terrier a good choice of pet?

Is the Border terrier a good choice of pet?

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The Border terrier is a small, plucky litter terrier with a rough coat and a comical little face! They are closely related to various other terriers including the Patterdale, Dandie Dinmont and Bedlington, and like most smaller terrier breeds, were originally bred to hunt vermin such as foxes and rats.

Plucky, comical and lively, the Border terrier is one of the most popular breeds of dog within the UK, regularly ranked within the top ten registered breeds with the UK Kennel Club year on year. There is a lot to recommend the Border terrier as an excellent choice of pet for all sorts of people, but as with all terrier breeds, they can be challenging to keep, and are sure to keep you on your toes, which is actually part of their appeal.

In this article, we will look at the temperament and core traits of the Border terrier in more detail, and consider what their needs are in terms of care and housing. Read on to learn more.

What is the temperament of the Border terrier?

The Border terrier is an independent, lively and plucky little dog that can be prone to stubbornness and have an undeniable cheeky streak to them! However, they are friendly, open in temperament and not prone to aggression, and are very versatile in terms of their living situation and role.

They like to be active, and need plenty of exercise as well as opportunities to play, and will soon make their own entertainment if they find themselves bored! They do have something of a propensity to digging, so if you highly prize a beautiful garden among your list of priorities, the Border terrier may prove to be a challenge!

They are alert and watchful and take everything in that is going on around them, and they do not like to be left out of family activities. They are happy to accompany you while going about your daily life, and make excellent companions for active people of all ages.

How much exercise do they need?

The Border terrier is lively and likes to be on the go at all times, and they can fairly be described as rather busy little dogs! They need plenty of opportunities to go out walking, and they also very much enjoy off the lead play, and fun and games. They will make their own entertainment if they feel that they are not getting enough mental or physical stimulation, and so they are not ideal for being left alone at home for long periods of time.

Are they easy to train?

They are a very intelligent small dog breed, and one that can fairly be described as independent and on occasion, stubborn, but they are also keen to please and like learning new skills, which can make training the Border terrier a very rewarding experience. They like a lot of variety and will soon get bored with too much repetition, and when training is handled well, they will retain their willingness to learn new skills throughout their lives.

The breed is also notably sometimes used as an assistance dog for blind or deaf people, something that few other terriers are well suited to.

Do they have a strong prey drive?

As a working terrier breed with a strong hunting background, the Border terrier has a heightened propensity to chase other animals outside of the home, including domestic pets such as cats and also wild birds and other wildlife. This means that careful supervision is required when out on walks, and off the lead play must be carefully monitored.

Do they get on well with other animals?

The Border terrier is a good all round dog that is generally open and friendly with other dogs, providing that they have been well socialised when young. They are also perfectly capable of sharing a home happily with other dogs.

When properly introduced, they will often accept a cat into the family too, but this is unlikely to negate their propensity to chase other cats when outside!

Are they good with kids?

The Border terrier is renowned for being excellent with people of all ages, and they make for an excellent best friend for children too. They are kind, affectionate and not prone to being snappy, and if they receive attention from the children, will often seek them out for a hug! As a fun loving little dog that loves to play, active, older children that will spend plenty of time with the dog walking, playing games or roughhousing are likely to be an excellent match for the Border terrier, and they will generally form strong bonds with the dog.

The Border terrier is one of the best choices of dog to introduce older children to the responsibilities and benefits of dog ownership, and is an excellent choice of pet for families of all types.



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