Is the Tonkinese Cat more Affectionate than the Siamese and the Burmese?

Is the Tonkinese Cat more Affectionate than the Siamese and the Burmese?

For generations, the Siamese cat has been one of the most popular felines on the planet mainly due to their stunning looks and affectionate personalities. Newer to the cat scene, the Tonkinese were bred by crossing a Siamese with a Burmese cat to produce another charming, affectionate pussy cat and one that's inherited the best of both parent breeds. The question is whether a Tonkinese is more affectionate than a Siamese or a Burmese?

The Siamese Cat: An Ancient Breed

The Siamese cat is one of the more ancient breeds on the planet although they did not make an appearance outside of their native Thailand until the nineteenth century. The breed's appeal is all about their lovely looks and sweet, loving personalities. They are very much a “people” cat and like nothing more than to spend time with their owners. They adore being your constant companion no matter where you happen to be which could be sitting on your lap as you watch television, in your bed with you at night and sitting next to you at the dinner table.

These adorable cats are also known and loved because they are so very talkative. They will hold long conversations with you whenever they can which has earned them a place in many a person's heart. It’s a very endearing trait the Siamese has passed on to the Tonk!

The Burmese Cat: A Newcomer to the Cat Scene

The lovely Burmese cat is native to Burma with most of the breed we see today boasting one female ancestor called Wong Mau. She was crossed with a Siamese cat in the 1930s, and the breed was subsequently recognised in its very own right not too long afterwards. They have lovely, kind natures and inherited the loud and distinctive meow of the Siamese. They are also pretty talkative and playful by nature which is why they have become such a popular choice as a family pet.

These pussy cats have passed many of their traits onto to the Tonkinese which includes their very kind and affectionate natures which includes being very people oriented. They are renowned for being good when they are around children, but one trait that makes the breed so endearing is their sensitivity to when people are not feeling well or down in the dumps. They are also very playful by nature and enjoy nothing more than retrieving toys when they are thrown for them, much the same dogs!

A Little Background History of the Tonkinese Cat

It's thought the Tonkinese cat first appeared on the scene in the 18th century. In the States, the breed was first known as the “golden Siamese”. They’ve inherited their parent's breed trait of being very kind natured with loving personalities leaning slightly more toward the Burmese than the Siamese. They form incredibly strong bonds with the people they love.

They are also very vocal, much like a Siamese but they do have a “different” voice which many people think sounds more like a duck quacking than a cat meowing. Much like a Siamese, they like nothing more than following you around the home making conversation the whole time. Like their parent breeds, the Tonk is a very clever pussy cat and one that boasts n extremely good memory!

Very Subtle Differences in Behaviour

There are very subtle differences in behaviours between a Siamese, Burmese and a Tonkinese cat. All three are loving and affectionate and there's nothing they like more than spending time with the people they love, but these differences include the fact that a Siamese cat tends to be rather more talkative and the Tonkinese is just a tad more docile than their more ancient cousins. The Burmese falls somewhere in-between both, being both talkative and very sociable but a lot more independent too.

According to some people, the Siamese is not as independent preferring to spend as much time as they can with their owners. The Tonkinese on the other hand behaves a little better around other pets and children, but that's not to say that the Siamese cat does not make a great choice as a family pet. It's just that the Tonk seems to be more tolerant of other animals in a household and the same can be said about children. The Burmese as previously mentioned likes their independence and is more tolerant when left to their own devices although never for too long.

When it comes to the Burmese, as previously mentioned they are renowned for being good around children and they get on well with other pets including dogs, but only as long as their canine companion knows who is the real boss in the household.


All three breeds are gorgeous looking felines that boast very unique characters. The Tonkinese has inherited many of their parent breed’s traits which includes a kind and very talkative personality. However, the Burmese tends to be a lot more independent by nature than their Siamese and Tonkinese cousins who prefer to spend as much time with the people they love as they can!

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