Keeping Your Dog Safe on Christmas Day

Keeping Your Dog Safe on Christmas Day

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Christmas is a very exciting time of the year when close friends and family get together to celebrate the festive season. Households are busy and buzzing with all sorts of activities which includes putting up decorations, hanging lights and wrapping presents ready for the big day. If you have just adopted or purchased a puppy or new dog, all the strange activity can make them overly excited and this could lead to all sorts of problems. There are things you may love to do with your new pet which includes playing with them when wrapping presents but this is not a good idea because they may just unwrap them for you and ruin things through no fault of their own thinking it's part of the game!

Puppies and young dogs love to be involved with everything that goes on in the home. But there are times when this is not such a good thing simply because you might inadvertently teach them to do something you don't want them to do. It is only natural for children to get very excited as Christmas approaches so it's important for the kids to learn how to act when a young puppy or dog is around to avoid any mishaps. Below are a few tips on how to keep your dog safe and happy on Christmas day:

Opening Presents

It's a good idea to keep puppies and young dogs out of the room when presents are being opened. This is because the situation might be just to exciting for them to cope with and this could lead to a problem happening which could involve a nip, a growl or maybe puppy gets stood on in all the excitement – all of which you can avoid if puppy is left in the kitchen!

Clean Up All Wrapping Paper & Accessories

Make sure all wrapping paper, cellophane tape, ribbons and any other decorations used on the presents is picked up and put out of reach of your dog or puppy. This is to avoid any mishaps with them chewing and then swallowing items that might cause them to be very sick – a blockage in their intestines might prove fatal and they would certainly need to be taken to the vet as soon as you notice something is wrong. It is far better to tidy all the items away to prevent this from happening which could ruin Christmas day

Take Puppy For a Nice Walk Early on Christmas Morning

Make sure your puppy or young dog is let out to do their business before all the excitement of Christmas morning really kicks off. This will avoid them having any accidents when things start to liven up! It is also a good idea to take them out for a walk for around 20 minutes or so, this will tire them out enough and help take the edge of all the excitement!

Make Sure a Timid Puppy or Dog Has Somewhere They Feel Comfortable

If you have a timid or shy puppy, young or adult dog, you have to make sure they can get somewhere in the house where they feel safe and comfortable when lots of people are around. If they are very timid, it might be worth putting them in their favourite place before all the guests arrive like this you avoid putting them under avoidable stress or situations they may find frightening. Make sure your dog has a little food and lots of fresh clean water in the room they stay in- not forgetting their favourite toys, and remember to check on them every half and hour or so to make sure they are okay!

Keep Excitable Puppies & Dogs in a Quiet Room

Excitable puppies, young and older dogs should also be left somewhere in the house where they will not get too “over the top” with your guests. Remember, a lot of people really don't like it when dogs jump up on them – something a dog should not do. However, when too excited they may just want to join in the fun and this can upset someone as well as reinforce the fact your dog is allowed to behave this way which is definitely a “no no”.

Keep Puppies & Dogs Out of the Dining Room

Keep puppies, young and older dogs out of the dining room when people are eating their Christmas dinner. It is never a good idea to let dogs into a room full of people who are eating because without knowing it, your guests might give your dog something to eat which really is not good for them. In fact, there are many things we eat over Christmas which are toxic to dogs and this includes Christmas pudding! It is far better for your four legged friend to stay somewhere they feel safe and comfortable so you peace of mind they are safely out of harm's way!

Ask Your Guests Not To Feed Your Puppy or Dog

Let you guests know that you do not let your new puppy take titbits at any time of the day. Explain to your family and friends that you are in the process of training them which means they only get “doggy” treats when they have done something you want to reward them for.

Keep an Eye on Young Children & Puppies or Dogs

Keep an eye on young children when there is a puppy around. They might get too excited and play with puppy a little too roughly which your new pet might think of as a great game which results in an unwanted nip! If the children are just too excited it might be safer to put puppy somewhere quiet where they are comfortable with lots of fresh water and toys for them to play with so they don't feel left out or get bored. Make sure you check on them every so often to make sure they are okay though!


Everyone wants Christmas day to be really special and it's great when everything goes smoothly. As long as you are prepared and know what to do with your beloved four legged friend so they stay safe, the festivities should be fun, enjoyable but most of all the day will be memorable for all the right reasons!

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