Making Sure Your Cat Stays Cool This Summer

Making Sure Your Cat Stays Cool This Summer


It's great when the warmer weather arrives, the days are longer which means more things can get done. It also means you can start to put those heavy coats and winter clothes back in the wardrobe for the next few months. Animals too, love it when the sun shines and there's nothing a feline companion likes more than lounging on a toasty windowsill soaking up a few rays while snoozing the day away.

However, you need to be a bit careful because if you own a heavier coated kitty, you don't want them staying out for too long when the sun is very hot because they could end up with heatstroke. Cats with pink noses may even suffer from sunburn. It's important they stay in during the hottest part of the day and only let out early in the mornings and then again when the sun has gone down later in the afternoon.

If the summer months turn out to be extremely hot, there are a few things you can do to make sure your feline friend stays nice and cool which in turn means they stay safe and that they don't run the risk of overheating or being sunburnt.

Create a Lovely Chill-out Area

The chances are your kitty has already got a favourite spot or two they like to snuggle up in when the weather is cold, but it's always a good idea to create a lovely cool alternative where your feline companion can sleep the daylight hours away in peace without getting too hot in the process.

Cardboard boxes make great chill-out areas and the best part is that just about every cat on the planet loves boxes. By placing a clean, cotton towel in the box and putting the box close to a “favourite” spot, you'll find your kitty appreciates the coolness the box offers them when the weather is really hot. They will soon prefer to use the box than their usual cosy spot!

Cats Are Fussy Drinkers

It's a well known fact that most cats are pretty fussy drinkers and some will refuse to even take a mouthful of tap water because they can smell on the chemicals in it. One brilliant solution is to invest in a water fountain which guarantees kitty's water always stays cool and fresh.

If you don't have a water fountain, consider leaving some ice in your cat's water bowl which will keep it cool as it melts throughout the day. You may find a bit of mess around their water bowls when you get back in the evening because a lot of cats may well choose to play with the ice as well as drink it!

Cats are Great at Finding the Perfect Spot

As previously mentioned, cats are masters at finding both the warmest and the coolest spots around the home. You'll soon see where you cat prefers to spend their day by watching them as the weather warms up. Some cats choose the oddest places to cool off which includes lying in a bathroom sink!

Groom Your Cat More Frequently

Cats tend to shed their coats more in the spring ready for their summer ones to grow through. However, if you groom your cat more frequently during the hotter months you will be doing them a bit favour by getting rid of as much of their coat as you cat. Less coat means a cooler cat.

Keep the Curtain and Blinds Shut

Another great way of ensuring the house doesn't get too hot over the hotter summer months, is to keep curtains and blinds shut during the day. However, you can leave one window with the curtains open and preferably one that gets a lot of sun so that your kitty can lie in the sun for a while when they feel like it.

Place Their Cat Bed Off the Ground

By raising your cat's bed off the ground, they will find it that much cooler to sleep in. This is because the air gets to circulate all around their bed, even underneath. If the weather is ultra-hot, consider placing a cool-pack under it which will help kitty stay nice and cool when they're snoozing.

Let Your Cat Out When it's Cooler

If you are worried about kitty getting too hot or suffering from sunburn, it's best to let them out first thing in the morning but to make sure they are back inside before the sun is too high in the sky. Alternatively, you can keep them in during the day only letting them out in the cool of the evening when the sun is lower in the sky.


It's really important for cats to stay cool when the weather gets very hot. They are clever creatures and will usually find the coolest place to be, but you can create spaces for them which includes setting up a box for them and keeping the curtains or blinds shut during the day. It's also a good idea to keep kitty in when the sun is high in the sky, this is when it is at its hottest and when it can do the most damage when it comes to sunburn.



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