Manchester Terrier Vs Miniature Pinscher - The Differences

Manchester Terrier Vs Miniature Pinscher - The Differences

Manchester Terriers and Miniature Pinschers do look very similar, they are about the same size and boast markings and colours that might lead you to believe they are the same breed of dog or at least related. However, these canines are very unique breeds all of their own and they are totally unrelated. With this said, both dogs were bred to hunt vermin like mice and rats which they are extremely good at doing. The other thing both Manchester Terriers and Miniature Pinschers are rather good at is chasing the next door neighbour's cat – they are not known to be overly fond of feline friends!

A Little Background History of Both Breeds

Manchester Terriers can trace their origins back to the oldest breed of terriers which is English Black-and-Tan terriers. Today, these charming little canines still have the same colouring as their ancestors. However, the Miniature Pinscher originates from Germany and is reputed to share it's ancestry with Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds as well as the German Pinscher but the breed is definitely not a miniature version of the proud and elegant Doberman Pinscher.

The Differences in Size

There are two sizes of Manchester Terriers being the larger standard and the smaller toy which only weighs in at 12 lbs when they are adult, mature dogs. The standard, however, can weigh anything from 12 to 22 lbs when they reach maturity.

When it comes to Miniature Pinschers which are often referred to as "min-pins" they usually weigh anything from 8 to 12 lbs which makes them around the same size as a toy Manchester Terrier and there is only the one size in the breed.

Colour Differences of the Breeds

When it comes to differences in colour, a Manchester Terrier boasts a black-and-tan coat which dates back to their terrier ancestors. Their colours stand out and do not run into each other which makes them strikingly clear. They even have charming tan spots over each of their eyes together with some little tan ones on each of their cheeks. Muzzles are tan in colour but their noses are black and under their throats there's a V shape which is also tan in colour.

Miniature Pinschers on the other hand, come in a variety of colours one of which includes a wonderful solid red. But with this said, Min-pins can also be exactly the same colour as a Manchester Terrier or they might have very similar markings with the only difference being they are typically chocolate and rust in colour rather than the black and tan like the Manchester Terrier.

What About Temperaments?

This is where the two breeds are rather different and could be the deciding factor on whether a Manchester Terrier or a Miniature Pinscher would be the best dog for you. For people who love the great outdoors and are passionate about keeping fit, the Manchester Terrier could be the perfect companion because they love the great outdoors and make perfect jogging companions. As a bonus, these charming looking dogs are good watch dogs and will never let anyone get anywhere near your home without making a big deal out of it. Manchester Terriers are alert, loyal and busy little canines that absolutely adore their owners building up a very strong bond with them.

Because of there terrier breeding, these lovely little dogs have to be well socialised when they are young and trained consistently at an early age too so they turn into nicely balanced dogs which means they do make lovely family pets. However, you would never trust them around small pets because of their strong hunting instincts.

Miniature Pinschers although a considered a toy breed, think they are in the "big" league. They also make superb guard dogs and are known for their courage, their confidence and their loyalty. However, Min-pins don't need quite so much exercise as a Manchester Terrier. The breed is renowned for being smart if not a little stubborn although they are easy to train. With this said, they do make lovely family pets albeit they are are better suited to being around older rather than younger children.

The breed is renowned for being a bit of a "chewer" which means you have to make sure they don't sink their teeth into things that might be harmful to them or cause them to choke. These little dogs need to be kept busy both physically and mentally because they do have a tendency to get easily bored. This means investing in lots of suitable toys for them or they could become a little destructive around the home.


Although at first glance it would be easy to mistake the two breeds, character and personality-wise, the Manchester Terrier and the Miniature Pinschers boast very unique natures. Their colouring too is different with the Manchester retaining the colours of their ancestors, the English Black-and-Tan terrier whereas the Min-pin is more chocolate and rust. Temperaments differ with the Manchester needing quite a bit more exercise than Miniature Pinschers which could be the deciding factor if you are more of a couch potato and not an outdoor person!

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