More About the Lovely Entlebucher Mountain Dog

More About the Lovely Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Life As A Pet Parent

There are some really gorgeous large dogs on the planet with none more impressive than the mountain dogs that were first bred in Switzerland. There are four main breeds, but the smallest of them is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog which has become a popular choice of family pet over recent years although they were originally bred as working dogs and are still pretty rare outside of their native homeland.

If you have made the decision to share your home with a large canine companion, the Entlebucher might be the perfect choice because they are very loyal and loving characters that tend to form very strong bonds with their owners. With this said, these large dogs become close to one person more than others which is typically the people they spend most time with. However, finding one of these lovely looking dogs is not that easy because as previously mentioned, there are very few breeders in the country which means you may have to go on a waiting list if you hope to get a puppy.

Highly Intelligent Dogs

They are highly intelligent dogs that need to be well socialised from a young age and they need consistent training throughout their lives for them to be truly well balanced happy dogs. However, because they do tend to get more attached to one person, they often suffer from separation anxiety when they are not with them which can become a bit of a problem.

If well cared for the Entlebucher boasts a long lifespan considering their size and are known to live for anything between 11 to 15 years. However, they are prone to certain health disorders including things like hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. The breed is also known to suffer from heart murmurs and very often develop eye issues.

Great with Children

Because of their size, these lovely dogs can be a little boisterous, but they are known to be good around children, which is another reason why they make sure great family pets. However, it's never a good idea to leave any child unsupervised around dogs especially such large ones because they could easily get knocked over and hurt albeit by accident.

Beautiful Tricolour Coats

The Entlebucher is a very handsome dog with their tricolour black, brown and white coats adding to their impressive appearance. These dogs stand tall with females being slightly shorter and smaller than their male counterparts. They have a short topcoat and a very thick undercoat that's lovely and soft in texture which was essential because it provided all the warmth a dog needed when used as working dogs to herd cattle in their native Switzerland.

Their coats need to be regularly groomed to keep them in great condition and looking good which is why it's a good idea to set up a weekly brushing session. Not only will this help form a very strong bond with your dog, but they will adore the one-to-one contact you give them.

As with all dogs, the Entlebucher needs to be fed a well-balanced and nutritious diet throughout their lives that corresponds with their age and the amount of exercise they are given. However, because they are such large dogs, they need to be fed quite a bit more food than smaller dogs. In short, sharing your home with an Entlebucher can prove expensive in the food department.

Lots of Exercise is a Must

Having been originally bred to herd cattle it means that by nature, the Entlebucher likes to be kept busy and are in fact, quite athletic for such large dogs. Ideally, they need to be given at least an hour's exercise a day for them to stay happy and to prevent them from putting on too much weight.

Not the Best Choice for First Time Owners

Because Entllebucher Mountain Dogs are so intelligent they need consistent training throughout their lives which means they are not the best choice for first time dog owners. These large dogs need a firm yet gentle hand otherwise they might get the better of their owners which could then lead to them developing some unwanted behavioural problems.


The Entlebucher is a very impressive and good looking dog that over the years has become a popular choice with people who want to share their homes with a large canine companion. However, because there are very few breeders in the country, you may have to be put on a waiting list if you're hoping to get a puppy. As with many other pedigree dogs, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is prone to suffer from certain genetic health disorders so it's important that you check with the breeder to make sure a puppy's parents are healthy. It's also important that puppies be well socialised from a young age which means they grow up to be well-balanced and happy adult dogs.

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