New study reveals that cats may have just five core personality types

New study reveals that cats may have just five core personality types


There are few animals that are as individual and unique as cats, and even two kittens from the same litter are apt to grow up and display distinctive differences between them in terms of their personalities, likes and dislikes, and general behaviours. However, new research published earlier this year by University of Lincoln lecturer and researcher Doctor Lauren Finka indicates that cats might actually have just five broad personality types, and the chances are that your cat will display one of them!

In this article, we will examine the study in more detail-and share the results of the five different feline personality types, and how to tell which one fits your own cat! Read on to learn more.

The study

Dr. Finka undertook her study by means of interviewing over two hundred British cat owners who had lived with their cats for long enough to have a good handle on their basic personality types and what they like and dislike in an attempt to identify whether or not cats could be grouped into categories by means of personality.

The study determined that there are five core personality types and traits for cats, and that virtually all adult cats that live within a secure domestic situation display one of them more than the others. The personality type that any given cat falls within depends on a combination of hereditary traits, including breed-specific factors, and also the cat’s lifestyle and experiences-or to put it succinctly, a combination of nature and nurture.

So, what are the five feline personality types?

The inquisitive cat

The inquisitive cat is the most playful, alert and outgoing member of the group, and these are the types of cats that are quick to dart inside of a rarely-opened cupboard, try to find out what is in the bottom of that new cardboard box, or say hello to a new visitor.

They tend to be highly active and enjoy spending a lot of time outside, and they are the type of cats that will create their own entertainment if there is nothing interesting going on, which can also lead them into sticky situations on occasion! They tend to take change better than most of the other types of cats too-for instance, if you move to a new house, they are likely to get straight out of their carrier and start exploring, rather than hiding out speculatively for a while until they feel more secure.

The cat’s cat

Cats tend to be fairly solitary animals that do not mourn for a lack of feline company and often, will be very put out if you bring home a friend for them! The exception to this rule, however, is the second of the five feline personality types, the cat’s cat.

The cat’s cat tends to be personable with other cats, in no rush to behave warily or aggressively when meeting a newcomer, and keen to spend plenty of time with their feline companions.

These are the cats that you will see grooming their feline housemates, and cuddling up to sleep with other cats that will allow it! Such cats are rare, if present at all, within wild cat populations, however, as domestic cats are often raised together from a young age, this fairly unique personality type can present.

The human cat

Ever wondered whether or not your cat actually realises that they are a cat and not a person, due to their behaviour and interactions with you? Then you probably have yourself a human cat! These are the cats that vastly prefer human company over feline company or being alone, and they may also be confident around strangers and keen to solicit attention from people passing by!

Human cats may alternatively be shy and speculative about people they don’t know, but when it comes to their human family and the people that they live with, these are the cats that are always looking for a comfortable lap to sit on, that are apt to follow you around the house, and that don’t mind being picked up or petted even when they were in the middle of doing something else.

The avid hunter

The hunter cat takes their hunting endeavours to the next level-while all cats have a reasonably strong prey drive and will hunt on occasion or if they needed to catch their own food, this cat is the guy that simply cannot leave a piece of dangling string alone, and that given the chance, will spend significant portions of the day out hunting.

They tend to have fairly large territories and spend a lot of time outdoors, and will often bring home several items of prey every day, however hard you try to stop them!

The cantankerous cat

Finally, the cantankerous cat is the feline that tends to be easy to irritate or annoy, and that won’t be afraid to growl at you or deliver a hefty swipe if you do not respect their personal space!

The cantankerous cat may well be very loving and form strong bonds with their families, but they will not tolerate any nonsense and will be very clear about letting you know when they want to be left alone. They tend to be rather sensitive to change and upheaval too, and like to go through life on their own terms, interacting with people only when it suits them and keeping everything around them just so!

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