Our top picks for pet grooming products

Our top picks for pet grooming products

It’s that time of year when our furry friends start to shed and our attention turns to getting our groom on! Whether the hair in the house is driving you mad or you’ve been inspired by Crufts, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for grooming gadgets.

Whether you’re a novice or full blown aficionado, the right tools can make this activity less laborious and way more fun!

Get your groom on!

The right tools are so important to keep your furry tangle free and happy! Especially if you have a long-haired breed of dog or cat, life will be much easier with a good detangling and dematting comb. The Jaswell comb’s 2-sided design makes it both safe and easy to get to those stubborn matts and tangles without hurting your pet or damaging their skin. Teaming it with the Pro Pooch Detangling Conditioner will give an even silkier, shiny finish, promoting a health coat for your furry friend without any of the nasties as it is non-toxic and cruelty free. If you’re a more adventurous groomer, this one’s for you: The Pet Union Dog Grooming Kit will give your pet the full grooming experience without the anxiety of going to a salon. Its low noise clippers are ideal for taking the scary out of the de-hairy!

A remedy for the wriggler

Got a wriggler on your hands? It’s not always easy to get your pet to stay still while you’re getting the grooming done. This can be especially true during bath time. A Frienda Dog Bathing Tether could save you from a lot of squirminess in the shower. Its suction cup makes it super easy to attach to the bathroom wall. For smaller and medium sized animals who love a pampering session, you’ll need a Grandma Shark foldable pet grooming table. It can hold up to 100kg and is non-slip due to its PU leather covering — comfy for them and comfy for you having them at eye-level to give them a proper pamper!


What to buy to get them dry

If your doggie detests the human hairdryer, they’re not alone! However, the DAWOO dog hairdryer has a noise reducing function and a long hose so that your pet doesn’t even need to be really close to the motor. It’s a powerful machine that promises to have large pets dry in no time, and is suitable for professional groomers. If your furry tends to get really anxious around machines, fear not — accessorize to the max with a cute new drying robe. Geyecete has a range of absorbent microfiber robes in all colors and sizes to get your fur buddy all cosyed up after bath time. 


Sweet sniffs

If you’re environmentally conscious and like to keep your pet products as natural as possible, we’ve got some climate pledge friendly suggestions for your grooming sessions. The Little Beast Organic Shampoo Bar is totally natural, has no nasties, is made in the UK and perfect for travel. It even protects against fleas and ticks too. If sweet smelling liquid is more your pet’s thing, the Rawganic Pet Shampoo with Aloe Vera and lavender will not only leave them as fresh as a daisy, but is also vegan, cruelty free, chemical free and organic. 

We think you’ll agree that our pets deserve a pamper every now and then, and with the right tools you can give them a real treat by making them feel special, loved and keeping them healthy and free of harmful pathogens and insects.



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