Playful Breeds of Dogs

Playful Breeds of Dogs

Every dog has their own unique personality which makes them all special and it's their playfulness that often makes them so endearing. However, it would be fair to say some breeds are a little more playful than some of the quieter and more laid back breeds. This is not to say that all dogs can't have their “mad” moments, but the more energetic a breed is known to be the more spirited they usually are just a few of which are listed below.

The English Springer Spaniel

The lovely English Springer spaniel is known to be a lively character with lots of energy which means they really enjoy playing interactive and other games whenever they can. This includes activities like flyball and agility, but they are great companions when out hiking through the countryside too because these attractive dogs like to keep themselves busy as they track things down, it there is one thing the Springer is not is a couch potatoes!

The Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known to be extremely kind dogs and they love knowing they are part of the family. They also adore playing interactive games and if they are allowed to, there's nothing they like more than splashing around in water whether it's in a swimming pool or pond, but they also love lots of cuddles and attention!

The Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a very handsome character known to be extremely good around children. They boast kind personalities and love playing interactive games with the family. However, they can get a bit boisterous which means sharing your home with one of these lovely canines is not such a good idea if you have toddlers, but with this said, the Portuguese Water Dog is brilliant with older kids.

The Australian Shepherd

There's no doubt the Australian Shepherd is a lovely looking dog, and they like to be kept active because they boast high energy levels. They are also highly intelligent and love to please which means they are great when it comes to playing all sorts of games and fetching things for their owners whether it’s slippers, the paper or mail!

The Bearded Collie

There shaggy dogs are very energetic characters and they love playing games. They are the real clowns of the canine world which makes them all the more endearing to have around. However, they are very “bouncy” by nature which means they are not brilliant around very small children, but this is only because they might get a little too exuberant and knock little ones over albeit by mistake!

The Brittany

These lovely dogs are super intelligent and have loads of energy which means they are never happier than when they are playing interactive games with the family. Because they are such clever characters, they need lots of mental stimulation otherwise they get bored very quickly. This could lead to them developing a few unwanted behavioural problems. However, if kept busy they are brilliant companions and there's nothing they like more than taking part in doggy sports!

The Standard Schnauzer

These charming looking dogs have loads of energy and they adore being involved in everything that goes on around the home which includes playing interactive games with the family. They are quite gregarious by nature and will think nothing of greeting just about everyone who arrives at the door. However, their boredom threshold is pretty low which means if they are not kept busy, they tend to take things in their own paws and get a bit inventive which could includes picking up a habit of destroying things around the home!

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian has to be one of the most recognised dogs in the world all thanks to the film 101 Dalmatians. Not only are they stunning looking with their spotted coats, but they are extremely energetic characters by nature too. They make fantastic jogging partners because they just love to be outside doing things and are definitely not couch potatoes.

The Berger Picard

These very attractive dogs boast lots of energy and they are extremely loyal by nature. If there is one thing a Berger Picard enjoys, it's playing interactive games with the family because they just to please and keep their owners entertained. However, if left to their own devices for long periods of time, they have a tendency to develop a few unwanted behavioural problems which means they are a great choice of pets for people who lead active outdoor lives, but not such a good choice for anyone who is more of a couch potato!

The West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terriers is a cute little dog but one that’s full of energy. They love to be kept busy because they are extremely intelligent and love to chase things, which is when they are at their happiest. If allowed to get too bored, Westies can end up developing behavioural problems and this includes barking at everything they hear and being destructive around the home.

The Papillon

These cute guys might be small but they are highly intelligent and full of energy which means they need to be kept entertained and busy. They excel at all sorts of activities which they really do enjoy taking part in. The great thing about a Papillon is they may play hard, but they also love cuddling up on the sofa too.

The Beagle

The lovely Beagle is another very busy character that boasts a tremendous amount of energy. There's nothing these little guys like more than playing interactive games like finding a favourite hidden treat. However, they are known for their fondness for following their noses which means keeping a close eye on them when out on a walk in a park or through the countryside.

The Fox Terrier

These gorgeous energetic little dogs always have an abundance of energy and there's nothing they enjoy more than being outside tracking something down. These little dogs boast real Terrier personalities and need to be kept busy because if left to their own devices, they tend to get up to a bit too much mischief which includes digging up the lawn or a favourite couch.

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