"Puppies - Can They be Over-exercised?

"Puppies - Can They be Over-exercised?

If you are about to get a new puppy, you are in for a great fun time. Puppies can be playful, boisterous, full of energy one minute then fast asleep the next, often in the strangest positions! You may be wondering just how much exercise your new little friend needs to stay happy and healthy with one important question being can I over-exercise my new puppy?"".

You may have noticed that your new puppy falls asleep at the drop of a hat and in fact, if you added up all the hours they do spend asleep, this would amount to anything from 18 to 20 hours a day. However, for the other 4 waking hours, puppy will be very active indeed and although this will be intermittently interrupted with cute dozing periods, be prepared to keep your little canine friend well occupied. If you find your pup is sleeping any more than 20 hours in any 24 hour period and they seem lethargic, then a quick trip to the vet is in order to check everything is okay.

Figuring Out Playtime & Exercise

When it comes to playtime and exercise, it can be quite challenging to figure out just how to set up a good routine but it is something you need to organise being extra careful not to over-exercise them in any one go. Two puppies will play together and tire each other out very nicely, but an older dog might not have the stamina to keep up with a puppy that has lots of energy to get rid of. This means puppy might get told off by an older dog quite frequently. If you already own an older dog, you would need to keep an eye on how they react to the puppy and if they are being tired out by the youngster in which case you may need to separate them so your older pooch gets to rest!

Short Walksare Ideal Once Puppy is Fully Vaccinated

A young puppy on their own will need stimulation both physical and mental which is up to you to provide. as soon as they have had all their shots, you need to start taking them for short walks so your little friend learns to socialise and learn to walk on a lead. The earlier you teach them to walk on a lead, the better and easier it will be. However, you should take them out for nice short, gentle walks on a daily basis. You should avoid too much running or letting your new pup jump up or do any sort of exercise that's considered to be a high-impact activity.

The reason being that a young puppy's bones are soft because they are still hardening up which means high-impact activities can cause pups to injure themselves. You have to bear in mind that a puppy's bones are not fully formed until they are around 18 months old. Activities to avoid are the following:

  • Very young puppies should not be allowed to run up and down stairs
  • You should not let them jump in and out of cars
  • Avoid any sort of jarring activities that could damage their joints and bones

The Best Type of Exercise to Give Young Puppies

By far the best type of daily exercise to give young puppies needs to be carefully planned. Ideally you should take your little furry four-legged friend for short walks where they can see other dogs, meet people and generally learn to socialise and learn about new things in the environment, namely scary cars and various strange noises. Obviously, puppy needs to be fully vaccinated before being taken into the great outdoors, but when they are, this is the time to start a routine of short and interesting daily walks.

Playing and Interacting in the Home

It's really important to play and interact with your new puppy when you are with them in the home. It's a great time to teach them the basic rules which includes sit and come. These first commands when learnt early enough, will stand you in good stead further down the line when you start to teach your pet more challenging commands and tricks.

Another great game that's a training exercise too and one which all puppies adore is ""fetch"". Teaching a young puppy to retrieve is a great interactive game that helps form a strong bond between you and your pet. You are effectively stimulating puppy with a physical and mental exercise – a perfect combination when it comes to teaching a puppy new things.


Taking on a new puppy is a huge responsibility but if you are well prepared, you are in for a wonderful time! There will be moments of pure joy and a few little mishaps along the way which is all part of the process of them growing up – and you have to remember, these darling little creatures become lovely adult dogs. Puppies are gorgeous when they are awake and just as cute when they are asleep. Knowing how much exercise to give them means noting down when they are full of spirits and when they usually pass out. Like this you can figure out when it's the best time of the day (or evening) to play interactive games with them and when to tke them out for short daily walks!


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