Reasons Why Cats are Easier to Look After than Dogs

Reasons Why Cats are Easier to Look After than Dogs

If you have set your heart on owning a pet, but are not sure whether to get a cat or a dog, there are few things you need to consider first. Sharing your home with any animal is a massive responsibility albeit a very enjoyable one. With this said, if you lead a very busy life and do not think you'd be able to give a canine companion all the exercise and attention they need to stay happy and healthy, then maybe you'd be better off offering a loving home to a pussy cat.

A lot of pet owners think of themselves as either “dog” or “cat” people, but our feline friends have become incredibly popular over recent times and there are many reasons why, some of which are listed below:

Cats are Less Dependent than Dogs

Although cats need a lot of taking care of, it's easier to leave them on their own for a day if you are planning to go away. Cats are fine if left on their own providing they have access to plenty of fresh, clean water, enough food to last and a couple of clean litter trays to use so they can do their “business”.

However, dogs should really only be left on their own for a maximum of 4 hours which means you would need to organise either a professional dog walker to come and take them out if you are out for any longer than that, or you could ask someone you know to do this for you. The downside is finding a person who won't let you down and who loves dogs as much as you love your pooch which is not as easy as it sounds.

Cats Don't Need to be Taken for Walkies

Unless you choose to share your home with a feline friend like a Bengal, a cat that really enjoys going out for a walk on a lead with you, cats don't need to be taken out for walkies twice a day which is a real bonus if you are more of a couch potato and don't like having to be out in all weathers.

You really have to love being in the great outdoors if you decide to share your home with a dog and no matter what the weather might be doing, you still need to take them out for a quick walk so they can do their business – unless you have a back garden you can let them run around in that is. However, you still need to clear up their “mess” if you don't want your lawn ruined and the risk of anyone treading in it!

In General Cats Live Longer than Dogs

Cats tend to enjoy longer lifespans than their canine counterparts. Some cats live to the ripe old age of 20+ whereas dogs tend to have average lifespans of 10 to 12 years with larger breeds boasting shorter ones that smaller dogs.

Cats Need a Little Less Grooming than Dogs

Cats are meticulous when it comes to keeping themselves nice and clean. They constantly groom themselves which is something that dogs don't do. Having said this, you would still need to brush a long-haired cat in order to reduce the risk of them developing fur-balls which can cause some quite serious health issues.

However, if you decide to get a short-haired pussy cat, you'll find they don't need that much brushing whereas most dogs need to be regularly groomed no matter how long their coat happens to be which is especially true when the shed the most which is typically during the spring and then again in the autumn.

Cats Tend to be Quieter than Dogs

If you live in town and have neighbours close by, sharing your home with a cat means there's no chance of them being disturbing if and when your dog barks (or howls) which can happen if they don't like being left on their own for any length of time.

However, if you decide to share your home with a cat, the downside is that if you do let your feline friend roam the great outdoors, they may well choose to do their “business” in a neighbours flower beds which may cause a few problems!

Cats are Cheaper than Dogs to Keep

Cats are a lot less expensive to feed than dogs although they still need to be fed a good quality, nutritious and well-balanced diet for them to stay healthy. They also need far less in the way of accessories, namely collars, leads and anything else that people often buy for their canine companions namely jackets, harnesses and car crates.

However, if you intend on keeping an indoor cat, you would need to invest in a couple of litter trays not forgetting the cost of cat litter which you would need to buy every week. Then, of course there's the all-important scratching post you'll need to avoid your cat from destroying your furniture.

Cats tend to be a lot cheaper to insure than dogs too which is something that's definitely worth taking out because vet bills can soon add up into the thousands if a pet ever falls in or gets injured which can be really frightening

Cats Tend to be Cheaper to Buy than Dogs

Cats do tend to be quite a bit cheaper to buy than dogs, but with this said, some cat breeds are rare and very sought after which means they can be more expensive than a canine counterpart! With this said, you can always decide to adopt either a cat or a dog from a rescue centre so you offer them a second chance at living out their lives in a loving home.


Taking on a new pet whether it's a cat, dog or other animal is a massive responsibility which needs to be thoroughly thought through. By taking a close look at your lifestyle and knowing how much time you can give to your pet, helps when it comes to deciding whether to share your home with a feline friend or a canine companion. Dogs do need more time spent on them, whereas cats although they love to be given lots of attention, are a lot more independent by nature which makes them that much easier to look after.



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