Secrets to Keeping Your Cat Content

Secrets to Keeping Your Cat Content

If you are new to keeping cats, the chances are you have read a whole lot articles on how to make your home a pet-friendly place for them to live in. You've also more than likely done your research on the best breed to suit your lifestyle too which means you're all set to bring your new pet home. But do you know all the secrets to keeping your cat so content, they are guaranteed to purr the whole day long? Read on to find out how you can bring a smile to your cat's face and make their environment utterly irresistible!

Nothing Beats Spending Quality Time with Your Pet

Playing with cats and watching how they behave goes a long way when it comes to knowing what they like, and once you get to know their strengths and weakness, you will form a really strong bond with them. However, playtime also goes a long way in keeping your feline friend physically and mentally healthy. There's nothing nicer than knowing your pet is relaxed and content in their home environment which is as stress-free as it can possibly be.

Getting to know your cat

The thing to bear in mind is that some breeds are more in the way of "hands-on" characters than others that are more independent by nature. Some cats enjoy a quick cuddle whereas others like to curl up next to you on the sofa or in your bed with you. A few cats just like being around the people they love and are quite content to sit close by keeping an eye on things. Then there are the characters that like nothing more than to play interactive games before going off to their preferred cosy spot to have another nap. Every cat has their own unique personality which you have to get to know!

Keeping indoor cats occupied

If you've decided to keep your cat indoors so they are always safe and out of harm's way, then you'll have to provide them with a whole lot of things to do so they don't get bored and/or frustrated. You need to keep your cat's age in mind, but if the truth be known as long as they are still agile and mobile, cats need a great mix of things they can do which will enrich their existence when kept as indoor pets.

You don't have to go out and spend a fortune on lots of toys, just buy a few good quality ones to begin with and then when you get to know your cat and the things they really like, you can either buy a couple of fun toys you know they will like or you can even make a few toys yourself. Some cats like nothing better than playing in empty cardboard boxes which double up as cosy spots to take a nap in too.

Keep litter boxes clean!

It's also important to keep litter boxes clean whether you have an indoor pet or let your cat go and explore the great outdoors but still put a litter tray down for them in your house. Cats hate it when their trays are left dirty and it may just trigger a very unwanted behaviour, namely doing their business behind the sofa or some other very hard to reach place that's difficult to clean. Once a cat starts being dirty around the home because their litter trays are not kept clean, it can be really hard to convince them to use their litter boxes again.

Cleaning out litter boxes is not a task you can put off till later and although it is not the nicest job around the home, sharing your existence with a feline friend more than makes up for the fact you have to continually do it because they bring so much pleasure into the home!

Clicker train your feline friend

Another great way of keeping an indoor cat busy and therefore happy, is to train them to do all sorts of things. You'll be amazed what cats can learn and the speed with which they pick new things up. Clicker training a cat is not only fun, but they enjoy the sessions and the one-to-one contact you give them. It's a great way of forming a really strong bond with your pet.

Making life easier for the older cat

If you've offered a home to an older rescue cat and one that's in their golden years, making their environment peaceful and cosy is more important than anything else. Cats in their senior years still need stimulation, but not in the same way as a tiny, young kitten. An older cat might prefer it if you create lots of warm, toasty areas around the home for them to curl up in so they can sleep knowing they won't be disturbed. In short, if you create nice areas for your cat to take a nap in, it's best to choose places where there is less traffic passing by that would constantly disturb them.

Regular health checks are a must

It's also important for cats to have regular health checks with the vet no matter what age they happen to be. It goes without saying that older cats are more at risk of developing a health disorder so the earlier a vet can diagnose the problem, the more comfortable your pet would be made to feel and as a rule of thumb, the better the prognosis tends to be.



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