Seven cooler places to walk your dog in the height of summer

Seven cooler places to walk your dog in the height of summer

Summertime has a lot of upsides to it for dog owners, as it really opens up the number of places we can walk and explore, and gives us longer days and balmier evenings in which to do it as well.

However, walking your dog in the summer can be a challenge as dogs can overheat very quickly and find even mild exertion a challenge when the weather is very hot, and this is particularly true for flat-faced or brachycephalic dog breeds like the English bulldog.

For this reason, you should never walk your dog in the height of the summer sun, and instead pick cooler times of the day such as the earlier mornings and evening when the sun has gone down; not only because this will be more comfortable for both you and your dog, but because it will also help to protect your dog from overheating and potentially heatstroke.

As well as the time of day you walk your dog, you should also think about taking them to cooler places. This is something that might not have occurred to you, but there are invariably locations and types of areas that are a few degrees cooler than everywhere else, and if you can find the ones around where you live, this can make for far more pleasant summer walkies.

With this in mind, this article will share insights into seven cooler place and types of locations you might want to explore in order to walk your dog in greater comfort during the hottest months of the year. Read on to learn more.

In coastal areas

Beaches, clifftops and generally coastal areas tend to remain a couple of degrees cooler than areas even just a few miles further inland, and if you live near to a beach or coastal walk, this can be a great place to take your dog for their summer walks.

Even a day trip to the beach if you live further afield is a great idea, but check the rules at your destination in advance, as some beaches don’t allow dogs during the peak months of the summer season, or during the most popular times of day.

Near other bodies of water

Even if you live as far inland as it is possible to get, you will tend to find the temperature a little lower beside bodies of water; lakes and reservoirs, particularly larger ones, and streams and rivers all tend to be a bit cooler than other nearby areas, and often attract a little bit of a breeze too.

It is important to be careful about supervising your dog and keeping them safe around open water if you do take them walking in such spots, as some dogs will be keep to jump in, even if this wasn’t planned or may not be safe.

In valleys

In valleys and dips the air temperature tends to be cooler than on the surrounding hills, and you might be somewhat surprised at the briskness of the breeze that can pass through such areas too! You also get rather more shade and are less likely to find yourself and your dog directly exposed to the height of the sun with no respite.

Woods and forests

Woods and forests and other areas with tree cover can be quite cool even on hotter days, as they provide shade and filter the sun, keeping the ground itself cooler. This makes them ideal for summer dog walks, particularly for dogs that tend to feel the heat and suffer unduly if they cannot stay cool.

In breezy or windy spots

If you’ve ever found yourself turning a corner or walking down a road and feeling as if you’re walking through a wind tunnel all of a sudden, you’re probably familiar with the fact that some spot seem to be able to generate a breeze even when everywhere around them is still. Whilst this might feel unpleasantly cold most of the year, in the summer it can be just what is called for if you and your dog need to take the edge off the heat and get a bit of a respite.

Further north

The further north in the country you travel, the lower the temperature drops; this is not likely to be helpful information on a day-to-day basis if you live in the south, but if you’re planning a holiday or break away in the UK during the hottest months of the year or are wondering where to take your dog for a cooler day out, it is handy to know.


Finally, if you live in a well-insulated house or even have air conditioning, it might actually be cooler indoors than out. Additionally, businesses like dog daycare centres and activity centres for dogs are usually air conditioned specifically to ensure they can continue to accommodate dogs year-round; and this too is an option for exercising your dog when the weather outside is intolerable!



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