Should I Get a Bitch or a Dog?

Should I Get a Bitch or a Dog?

For many people the decision to own a dog is never taken lightly. After all it's a huge responsibility you take on for life. However, once you've decided that a four legged friend will add a lot of value to your life, the next stage is deciding whether to get a bitch or a dog. For first time owners, this might not seem like such a big decision but as with humans, male and female dogs boast quite different characters and personalities.

Typical Characteristics of Male Dogs

Naturally if you are thinking about getting a puppy, you have to be prepared for a little naughtiness whether they are male or female. However, males tend to be more disobedient even when they are older – and although not every male dog will turn out to be naughtier when it comes to listening to their owners, they are generally tougher natured than their female counterparts. There are other things male dogs will do more than bitches one of which is to take off at the first opportunity if they get wind of something they find interesting but again not all male dogs do this, it's just they are more likely to than a bitch.

Other traits male dogs tend to have more than bitches are listed below:

Males tend to be more aggressive and are usually the ones to start a fight with other dogs or be attacked by other dogs

Male dogs are also more prone to develop a few more undesirable habits which includes trying to mount other dogs, people's legs and children if they are left unsupervised which is never a good idea

Although the above can be very true of many male dogs, there are of course a lot of entire dogs that are extremely well-behaved. This is mainly due to the fact they were very well socialised and trained from an early age. It also helps if they've received the right kind of handling from day one when they settle into a new home.

Bitches & Their Typical Characteristics

When it comes to bitches, they are often softer natured than their male counterparts with many being a lot easier to train because unlike their male counterparts, bitches find it easier to stay focused on their owners when they are being taught the rules. Bitches also tend to be friendlier around children which is a trait well worth thinking about if you have small people in your household. Female dogs aren't as keen as males when it comes to investigating or sizing up other dogs either when they are out and about with you on walks.

However, although bitches can be softer natured, it would be a mistake to think they can't be moody which means they too can sometimes be a little disobedient. There are some bitches that grow up to be quite aggressive and this is particularly true when they meet another bitch or when they live with other female dogs in the house. There is always one female who holds the “top dog” position in the household and when it comes to other dogs or bitches, the alpha female will rule the roost.

The Spaying & Neutering Factor

Unless you are thinking about breeding from either a bitch or a dog, vets recommend that owners spay their bitches and neuter their dogs. The reason they advise owners to do this is because of health related issues with both females and males having a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer if they are left entire.

When it comes to neutering a male, the surgery is a lot less complicated than spaying a bitch and this is reflected in the price a vet charges. Neutering a dog is considerably less expensive than spaying a bitch which is why many people tend to opt for a male dog rather than a bitch.

When it comes to how neutering and spaying affects the characters of a bitch or dog, many people think it quietens their pets down quite a lot. Entire males will not take off if they get a hint of a bitch in season and they tend to be less aggressive natured after they've been neutered. Bitches also quieten down, but they may start digging holes in couches and other places which could be because they are having a sort of phantom pregnancy. However, this behaviour usually fades away after a few months of them being spayed.

The other thing to bear in mind is that dogs and bitches will put on weight very easily after they have been “done” which means you need to watch their diets carefully and make sure they get plenty of exercise.

Don't Forget Different Breeds Boast Different Personalities

It is very important to understand that breed too plays an important role in the personality and character of a dog or a bitch. How puppies were first socialised makes a very big impact on how a dog or bitch may turn out when they are older. Then of course, there is the all-important training which if not done as soon as you take a dog home, will have a real bearing on the character of a dog whether they are female or male.

The thing to bear in mind is that every dog is different, just like people every one of our four legged friends has their own unique and very individual character and personality. Then of course, there is the fact that every dog is shaped by many environmental factors and their unique genetic codes which is something that cannot ever be ignored.


It is really important to check out breed characteristics before deciding what type of dog to get and once you've decided on that, you can then think about whether a bitch or a dog would be the best four legged friend to share your life and home with. Whichever you do finally decide to get, you can be sure that your pet will bring a lot of happiness and a great deal of pleasure if you stay consistent when you train them always showing them love and affection from day one.



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