Signs Your Dog Really Loves You

Signs Your Dog Really Loves You

Pet Psychology

Dogs are lovely creatures and they enjoy nothing more than keeping owners and themselves entertained. They give so much back for being well looked after with the added bonus being that a dog will always show as much affection and loyalty as they can which they do so without question. All dog owners know that their pets show their affection in lots of different ways and sometimes it's extremely amusing. Below are a few ways that dogs like to show you that they really do love you and being around you as much as they can.

The Look of Total Devotion

It would be easy to say that dogs only look at their owners with total devotion when there is food about. But nothing could be further from the truth. When your dog stares you deep in the eyes, it is their way of showing they love and trust you implicitly. It would be fair to say that your canine companion is giving you a hug with their eyes.

When dogs do this, a hormone known as oxytocin in released into their systems and this is the same hormone that mothers release when they bond with a newborn baby. However, you should never attempt to stare your dog out because they might find it disturbing, it's much better to have short bursts of eye contact throughout the day which your canine companion would respond enjoying the “eye hugs” you’re giving them back.

Pure Excitement When You Arrive Home

Dogs love it when their owners arrive home even if they have only been out for a very short time. Owners know the pleasure they get when their pets run up to greet them as they walk through a front door. Some dogs bring a favourite toy to the door as a way of showing you their devotion. With this said, some dogs just can't help themselves and will greet everyone in this way even if they don't really know them and the reason they do is because they are just too overly friendly to just about everyone they meet!

The Lovely Smile

Some dogs wag their tails like it's going out of fashion when their owners are around. But dogs have other ways of showing they are happy and the fact an owner is interacting with them. They have all sorts of facial expressions with studies carried out in Japan showing that dogs frown, that they show concern and they do so by raising their eyebrows albeit one at a time. The research also established that dogs showed their pleasure by shifting a left ear backwards, but when they did the same with their right ear, they were expressing their displeasure at something.

Some dogs can't help smiling when an owner arrives home and this is a sure sign they are extremely happy and that they truly love and trust their owners. It doesn't get any funnier or clearer that a dog is devoted to you when they grimace every time you walk in the door!

That All-important Yawn

Dogs yawn just like people and they too find it contagious. When dogs yawn in front of you, some experts believe it's their way of showing they have formed a strong bond with you and that they trust you implicitly. The research suggests that dogs tend to yawn when they see an owner yawn which is something that’s great to try out on a loving canine companion although it might take them a while to understand what you are doing!


Every dog has their own way of showing just how much they love their owners whether it's smiling widely every time they walk through the front door or running around, wagging their tails like crazy. You know your dog is totally devoted to you when they sit and look up at you with loving eyes or when they cuddle up next to you on the sofa in the evening, enjoying the contact they have with you. When you add it all up, it’s what makes sharing a home with a dog so very rewarding.



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