Six signs that you might be a crazy cat lady!

Six signs that you might be a crazy cat lady!


The whole crazy cat lady thing is a concept that is well known to all cat lovers, and what used to be considered as a rather pejorative title associated with loneliness, antisocial traits and frankly, being a bit weird has all changed now, largely thanks to the internet! The UK and the world at large has finally begun to realise just how many crazy cat ladies, and of course, crazy cat men there are out there, and how this can be a positive thing!

As virtually everyone in the Western world today is connected to the internet, crazy cat ladies (and men) have really come into their own, and only the very hardest of hearts can honestly say that they don’t secretly enjoy watching cute kitten videos, YouTube posts of cats doing funny things, and everything else cute and fluffy!

Are you a crazy cat lady? If so, it’s time to unleash your inner tiger and stand up and be counted! But how can you tell? Well, there are certain signs to look out for… Do any of them apply to you? Read on to find out!

1. You know the rule about letting sleeping cats lie

So you’re cuddled up on the sofa with your cat in your lap, when you realise that your foot has gone to sleep, or maybe you’d like to get up for a cup of tea-but your cat looks so peaceful and is so deeply asleep, and you would have to disturb them!

The true crazy cat lady will never move a sleeping cat from their laps, which means that you might need to remain in place for several hours to come…

2. You prioritise your cat’s comfort over your own

On a related note, imagine it’s a cold, rainy night and you’re heading up to bed to keep warm-but when you enter your bedroom, you can’t find a spot in your own bed due to all of the cats there! Even one or two cats seem to have a certain skill in covering the maximum available area with their bodies when it suits them, and often, cats will view your bed as their own bed, which they are sometimes kind enough to let you sleep in too!

Can’t find room in your bed? Guess that’ll be another night on the sofa then…

Similarly, the chances are that your cat enjoys top quality food, expensive snacks like prawns or organic treats, and has all of the plushest, most costly beds and activity centres… Even during the last week of the month before you get paid, and are subsisting on a diet of baked beans and ramen noodles for yourself!

3. You are secretly distrustful of people who don’t like cats

Telling a crazy cat lady that you don’t like cats, find them creepy and disloyal, or are slightly afraid of them is sure to stop the conversation dead. Most crazy cat ladies think of people like this in one of two ways; you’ll either end up feeling sorry for them because they are simply unable to appreciate the joy that is the kitty, or you will become secretly distrustful of them, because if they don’t get cats, there must be something fundamentally wrong with them!

4. Your cat is your child

If your furbaby really is your baby, you’ll likely want the whole world to know about it, and constantly share status updates and pictures of what your cat has been up to today!

If you give your cat every advantage in life, and spend a significant amount of both time and money tending to their every whim, the chances are that your cat is your child-and a spoilt child at that!

5. You never met a cat you didn’t like

While you may well have preferences for certain types of cats over others-your own cat is the best one, obviously-the chances are that you never met a cat you didn’t like! From the exotic, noble Savannah cat to the humblest of moggies, you never pass a cat by without stopping to say hello and give them some attention.

That feral tomcat with a collapsed ear, only one eye and a bad attitude? Beautiful. That cat that bit your fingers when you tried to pet them? Adorable!

6. Your internet search history is full of cats!

The internet was made for catting, and no one knows this better than you! Your bookmarks folder is likely full of links to cat videos on YouTube, a live feed of a Queen with a litter is your homepage, and the only people who can tolerate you on social media are likely to be just as mad about cats as you are, with all of your other friends having fallen by the wayside long ago.

If your first clicks each day are the cat advice articles or cats for sale sections here on Pets4Homes, even if only to coo over the latest pictures, congratulations! You are officially a Crazy Cat Lady (or man) so wear your title with pride!

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