Six signs that you might be barking mad for dogs!

Six signs that you might be barking mad for dogs!

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Do you think that you deserve the award for the World’s Greatest Dog Lover? Do you go crazy over dogs of all shapes and sizes? Reckon you could take on anyone in a head to head contest over who loves dogs the most? Read on to learn about six signs that you might be barking mad for dogs!

1. Your dog is your favourite person

If your dog is your best friend, closest confidante and sometimes, the only living being that you can stand to be around, you’re well on your way to being barking mad, in all of the right ways! While you no doubt enjoy spending time with your human friends too, your dog is your priority, and you will likely go out of your way to find dog-friendly places to meet friends, and involve your dog in your day to day life as much as possible.

2. You know that your dog comes first at all times

You’ve had a stinker of a day at work, it’s pouring with rain and you’re totally exhausted; but before you can flump out on the sofa and relax, you know that you have to take care of your dog. This means getting your wellies out for walkies even when you don’t feel like it, and ensuring that your dog is dry, clean and comfortable when they come back inside, before you can even pour yourself a glass of wine and put the telly on!

3. You’re sensible about how you manage your dog’s care

Loving your dog and providing them with a full, happy life that provides security, supports good health and keeps your dog satisfied involves much more than just buying them all of the things that they need and going through the motions. You know that the best way to care for your dog does not mean letting them do whatever they want, feeding them treats all day and generally giving them the upper hand, but that to make your dog happy, healthy and confident, they need rules and guidelines, and need to be well trained, responsive and kept under control.

Being barking mad for dogs means treating them appropriately and caring for them as a dog, not a baby, and this includes knowing when to say no!

4. Nothing makes you happier than making a new canine friend

If meeting a new friend in the dog park, visiting a friend’s dog, or taking your dog somewhere that both of you can make some new canine friends are near to the top of your list of the best ways to spend your time, you’re probably totally mad for dogs!

Introducing yourself to a new dog, playing with someone else’s puppy or saying hi to friendly dogs that you meet out and about can all put a smile on the face of the dog lover, and you probably know that this can be one of the best ways to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down. If you’re equally enthused about little dogs like the small, rambunctious Jack Russell and also large, slow-moving breeds such as the Bloodhound, you’re a true equal opportunities dog lover!

5. You care about all dogs, not just your own

Loving dogs and caring about them is highly unlikely to be restricted to your own furry friend, and whether you own a dog or not, as a dog lover you possess a certain amount of power to make positive changes when it comes to supporting improvement in the care and situation of all dogs, both in the UK and further afield.

You may demonstrate this care in a variety of ways, from simply keeping yourself up to date on news, views and happenings in the dog world, to volunteering at a shelter, to supporting pet charities that help to care and rehome unwanted dogs.

You’re also no doubt well genned up on things like responsible breeding, the importance of spay and neuter, and how to identify if a dog that you come across is in trouble, or possibly not being well cared for.

6. You know that sometimes, the best way to show care for dogs is by not buying one

Some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic people where dogs are concerned may be people who actually don’t own a dog at all, and that have made a conscious and informed decision not to buy one.

If you really love dogs but know that your financial standing, living situation, working life or emotional state mean that you would not be able to care for your dog to the highest standard, or may mean that you cannot make a lifelong commitment to the care of a dog at the moment, sometimes the best way to show that you truly care for dogs is by simply not owning one at the present time.

Similarly, even if you are looking to buy or adopt a dog, knowing when to say no and walk away is part of being a true dog lover, such as if you are concerned that you are viewing a litter that was bred in a puppy farm, or don’t feel that the breeder you are visiting breeds dogs with their health and lifelong wellness as their main priorities.

In situations such as these, you may feel that “rescuing” one of the dogs that you are viewing is the right thing to do, but in terms of the greater scheme of things, you may actually end up supporting the very industry that you oppose, and there are better ways to help such dogs and ensure that unscrupulous breeding practices become less common in the future, by simply walking away and reporting your concerns to the relevant authorities.

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